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March 20, 2014

10 Tiny Planet Pro photos that are out of this world

According to research done by the Kepler space observatory our galaxy contains at least 100–400 billion planets.

Mind blowing, hey? Even more so now that this incredible figure has increased, in the Nokia Lumia universe at least, thanks to a spate of Tiny Planets popping into existence. We are, of course talking about an ace photography app currently doing the rounds.

Tiny Planet PRO takes landscapes and spins them into tiny spheres, which resemble amazing little planets. It might be something of a one trick pony, yet the possibilities are endless and often amazing to behold

To get that otherworldly feel, the trick is to make sure you have some sky in the shot, otherwise things like building and trees sticking out of the frame. Although it can look cool, for the planets we’re interested in sky is a must. To see for yourself, check out ten that rocketed us into galactic heaven.


Courtesy of Dan Akhmetshin


Courtesy of Al Reynolds   


Courtesy of Elvira


Courtesy of Noel Dhiraj 


Courtesy of Anshul Ravishanka

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 22.41.04

Courtesy of Marcelo Santanna


Courtesy of Victor Ng Wai Loon


Courtesy of Richard May


Courtesy of Sari Alanko


Courtesy of Nokia Lebanon

Needless to say we’re over the moon about all of them. Question is which of these fantastic shots boosts your engines? Let us know down below and if you’ve created your own tiny planet be sure to share.