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March 21, 2014

12-Year Old Gives Surface a Fun Challenge

Recently we had a father tweet us a presentation that his 12 year old daughter created describing why she should get an iPad mini. He challenged both Surface and Samsung to take turns in a rebuttal, we gladly accepted the challenge. The pictures and video below capture what happened next.

Immediately following his tweet we broke out the poster board, scissors and glue sticks to make the case we love to make – that Surface 2 is a fantastic tablet that also lets a student (or anyone) get their work done.

This was our presentation.

Vic and her father over the weekend went to a Microsoft Store and tested out Surface and ended up selecting a Surface 2 and Purple Type Cover 2.

This was a fun and exciting challenge, one we won’t forget! Go #TeamVic!

Emilie Bridon, Surface Senior Digital Marketing Manager Microsoft Surface