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March 24, 2014

9 best Android apps for Nokia X

With a wide and varied pool of Android apps at your disposal, the Nokia X family of smartphones have something for everyone. Here are our highlights.


Available on Nokia Store

Developed by Twitter, Vine enables you to create short, looping videos that you can share online via Twitter and Facebook, as well as your Vine profile.

With the ability to pause and edit your video at any time, it opens up a whole world of creativity, particularly when it comes to stop-motion videos, such as this one from Ian Padham demonstrates.


Available on Nokia Store


The same reliable HERE Maps that’s available on Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha is also built right into the Nokia X family.

HERE Maps helps you explore what’s around you, new places you’ve never been to and then helps you get there as stress-free as possible.

Car, pedestrian, and public transport routing are included in this one app, as is the in-car voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and all free to download and use! (data charges may apply)

Available on Nokia Store

By signing up to Outlook, you’ll receive a free email address that will push emails to your Nokia X whenever you receive them.

You’ll also be signed up for the other Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, and have access to Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online; very helpful when creating top-notch documents for free.


Available on Nokia Store

Saving all of your photos, videos, documents and other files online in ‘the cloud’ means that you can access it anywhere, on multiple devices.

With OneDrive on your Nokia X, you’ll have access to all of those files, plus you can upload your photos, videos and other files directly.



Available on 1Mobile Market

Partake in the huge, filterific photo-sharing community that is Instagram.

Capture something beautiful, bizarre, or just plain silly and share it with the Instagram community and your other friends on other social networks.

Instagram on Nokia X also supports video uploading.


Available on Nokia Store

The popular and widespread messaging app, BBM, is now available on Nokia X smartphones.

Sign up to get your own BBM PIN and share it with your friends to make sure you’re all connected. Then, send and receive secure messages as you wish.

The usual instant-messaging features apply; emoticons, files, images, videos and voice notes can all be shared.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Available on Nokia Store

The default keyboard supplied with Nokia X works wondefully, however there’s an alternative, popular among the Android fraternity, which goes by the name of SwiftKey.

With an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, spell the word you want to write, without lifting your finger from the screen, and SwiftKey will predict the correct word to add to your text bar.

There’s a small amount of customisation here too, with the option to change themes and download different language keyboards.



Available on Nokia Store

Share your latest status update, check in to your favourite location, or share a photo or two using the dedicated Facebook app.

Much like other Facebook apps, this version delivers a news feed to your Nokia X, keeping you up-to-date with all of your friends activities. And memes. Lots of memes…


Available on Nokia Store

Got something to say to the world, but only got motivation to write 140 characters? Twitter is for you.

Share your most intimate thoughts, bizarre jokes, internal musings or forceful opinions. For an idea of how to use it, or how not to, check most celebrity pages. In all seriousness, it’s usually the quickest way to discover breaking news. Oh, and make sure you follow us!

That’s just a small selection of some great Android apps currently available on the Nokia X family.

What have we missed? Share your thoughts, below.