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March 25, 2014

10 things Reddit loves about the Nokia Lumia 1020

Reddit is, without doubt, one of the Internet’s finest places to hang out. A veritable Aladdin’s cave of cool content, it also hosts some of the world’s most clued up Lumia fans.

What better place, then, to ask what people in the know think about our much loved Nokia Lumia 1020. Happily, redditors on the Windows Phone subreddit recently answered that very question. And what did they feel? Well, there were plenty of highs (and a few lows) but the overwhelming feeling was love, love, love! Having read their comments, we’re still surrounded by a pink, heart shaped cloud of happiness. In case you want to dive in, too, why not go check out the comments thread yourself. Alternatively, enjoy our quoted highlights down below.

1. It has incredible image quality

“I had a Lumia 920 which was great, but wanted the best image quality possible on a phone. The Lumia 1020 is just that.”


 LUMIA 1020

2. It’s great for the great outdoors

“Love it. I’m no pro photographer and I’ve taken plenty of awesome shots while out hiking. The fact that the battery grip attachment also has a tripod mount is huge. I use that all the time when I’m hiking.”


Nokia Lumia 1020


3. It’s easy like Sunday morning

“It’s not that hard to learn, just spend an afternoon reading about ISO, shutter time, white balance. Or just play with the camera for a few hours to get to know it.”



4. It’s automatically awesome

“I just came back from a 3 week trip to Peru with my 1020 and my pictures turned out AMAZING, especially when compared to the other guys on the trip. I used auto and know nothing about photography.”



5. It makes manual magic

“If you use manual settings, you can take amazing pictures.”




6. It’s platform perfect

“I was stunned by how nice the WP8 platform is to work with on a daily basis, and how uncluttered and simple it can be while still looking sharp. It was a bonus to have such a great camera on it as well, and I’ve had fun using it.”


“Great phone, I love mine. The only way I could get better photos is with a DSLR. Windows Phone OS is very nice and smooth too. Very happy with my Lumia 1020.”



7. It’s hardcore

“I’ve also dropped it in a parking lot and on the concrete floor in my apartment (twice) and other than some nicks on the edge it took the beatings like a champ. LOVE it.”



8. It’s got a grip

“I am very happy with my 1020. I, like you, sold my 920 to get a 1020. While I was definitely hesitant to do so at first (because I loved my 920 so much), the switch ended up being worth it. ESPECIALLY with the camera grip. Make sure to buy one of those, too!”




9. It backs up while you snap


“Love it. Love it even more with OneDrive uploading. It’s perfect since I never “download” pictures off my phone. That plus the battery grip is amazing.”


10. It’s the world’s best camera smartphone


“I love my 1020. I have the yellow 64 GB model from o2 UK. The camera’s hype is well deserved. It really is remarkably good… I’ve never been happier with a phone.”


We’re clearly a bit biased, but we still think one of our favourite web community’s got it nailed again… do you agree? Or did they leave out some key reason why the Nokia Lumia 1020 is close to your heart? We hope it’s been beautiful for all of you and your Nokia Lumia 1020s, too. If that’s the case, please spread the love in the comments below.