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March 25, 2014

Surface 2 – The most productive tablets for business

Surface 2 – The most productive tablets for business

Surface 2 is the world’s most business-ready tablet, letting you work the way you want. In fact, we’ve seen business customers adopting Surface 2 as a companion device, but also as a line-of-business tablet in healthcare, retail and hospitality industries, and in commercial airlines.

People generally know that Surface 2 combines great portability and battery life with productivity features you won’t find on other tablets– most notably the kickstand, USB 3.0 drive and the ability to instantly attach a Touch or Type Cover for great typing. In saying that Surface 2 is ‘business-ready’ we’re referring to very specific capabilities that allow business users to access their corporate resources and be truly productive without sacrificing security.

The updates that were made with the Windows RT 8.1 release truly amplified the value of Surface 2 for both enterprises and small businesses. There are many features of Windows RT 8.1 that make Surface 2 enterprise ready, but below are our top three.

  • Remote Application Access:  By leveraging the Remote Desktop Services features in Windows Server 2008 R2 or later, enterprise customers can access any line of business (x86) application that they normally run on their laptop or desktop from Surface 2. Some businesses are already leveraging this to make Surface 2 the central device for their mobile workforce. Check out the video of FireLogic Inc, a tech consulting firm that implements Surface 2 with Remote Desktop Services for customers who need a truly mobile business tablet.

  • Data Access: Windows RT 8.1 supports work folders for customers using Windows Server 2012 R2. Work folders let users access files that are stored on a centrally managed file server. This gives management and IT more centralized control over corporate data without compromising worker productivity.
  • Enhanced Manageability:  Mobile Device Management (MDM), another Windows RT 8.1 update, enables management of devices by any MDM cloud-based product that allows open mobile device management protocol. MDM is possible on Surface 2 through providers like Windows Intune, AirWatch, MobileIron, and Citrix.

Surface 2 is a tablet that was built for more than just fun. These Windows management features keep the IT department happy, and workers are able to access documents wherever they choose to. Not only can people access their documents on the go with Surface 2, but they can actually get work done in a way that is comfortable and convenient with available keyboard covers that are incredibly thin and light. For a detailed read on the topic of Remote Desktop Services, there is an in-depth post including step-by-step set up guide on “Ask Premier Field Engineering (PFE) Platforms” blog.

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Cyril Belikoff
Senior Director – Microsoft Surface