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March 26, 2014

Surface makes it Safer and Easier to Share a Single Device

The ability to have multiple user accounts on a single device in Windows 8.1 makes it easy for multiple users to share a single Surface. By signing-in with separate accounts, users are able to create their own Start Screen, install their favorite apps, and personalize everything to their unique preferences. The sharing might be between members of a family or different users in a work environment. Whoever the sharers are, however, the beauty of this is that they each experience the device as their own.

If you share your Surface with others, it’s a great idea to create separate user accounts for each person who’ll be using it. By creating individual accounts, each user is able to customize their Surface experience to their own preferences and have access to their own files and apps. If you have children, you can also set up a child’s account where they can customize their Start Screen to their favorite color and have their best-loved games right at their fingertips.

Setting up Multiple User Accounts on Surface

1. Swipe in from the right of your Surface to access the Charms bar and tap Settings.

2. Tap Change PC Settings to bring up your PC settings page.

3. On the left column of options tap Accounts and then Other accounts.

On Other accounts you’ll see you have the option to Add an account.

4. Once you’ve hit Add an account you’ll be prompted to share how the user will sign in, you’re also given the option to specify if the account you’re adding is for a child.

Surface continues to be the one device for everything in your life, with multiple user accounts it is easy to share Surface with your family, friends and colleagues. One device can easily serve multiple people and their various needs, after all sharing is caring, right?

The Surface Team