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March 27, 2014

Nokia X: 20 best-loved games on Nokia Store

The new Nokia X promises a world of exciting and enjoyable games from Android developers, but here’s a host of classic titles readily available on the Nokia Store.

Angry Birds

Rovio’s bird-slinging classic is the most famous mobile game ever made. Make sure those grumpy avian warriors are in your gaming arsenal.



Plants vs Zombies 2

Mobile gaming doesn’t get any better than PvZ and this smash hit sequel is pre-installed on the Nokia X. Build up your crop army to defend your abode from the marauding unread.


Asphalt 8: Airbourne

Street racing hits dizzy hew heights and speeds with Gameloft’s latest in the series. A brand new physics engine and high-octane stunts are now in the mix.



Jungle Run 3D

Hanging around in the jungle just waiting to be stung, poisoned or eaten. It’s up to you to assist Sara’s escape quest, avoiding numerous obstacles along the way.



Fruit Ninja

Remorselessly hack and slash your way through pineapple’s, strawberries and watermelon, stringing together combos and avoiding those sneaky bombs.



With 310 levels of explosive fun across ten worlds, you’ll need a giant stockpile of grenades to ensure legions of enemies don’t overrun Fragger’s habitat. Aim, shoot, and tap to explode. Laters, bad guys



Kingdom & Lords

The ‘tower defence’ genre is always a fun time killer. In Kingdom & Lords you’ll need to build up your defences and protect your village from brutal barbarians.

Kingdom & Lords

Dungeon Hunter 4

Prepare to lose your sense in this riveting action role-playing game, which sees you plunged into an immersive world full of demons and mystery. It’s up to you to save humanity.


World at Arms

The free world is threatened. Terror reigns down on your people. As the great military leader you are, you must dispose of the evil KRA forces and bring back order. With tanks…



Highway Racing 3D

Due to some poor life choices, you’ve found yourself behind the wheel of a getaway car. You’ll need to dodge between traffic and avoid the cops to survive.

Danger Dash

When you have tigers on your tail, you tend to run a little faster, right? If escaping the clutches of Tony and his mates wasn’t enough your daredevil character will have to dodge obstacles and collect artefacts too. Tough life.


Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Face your toughest challenge yet and discover the heart and humour of Despicable Me. Fly, jump, dodge and defeat villains to compete for Minion of the Year.



Sid Meier’s Civilisation V

One of the most popular PC strategy games of all time is also available on your Nokia X, via the Nokia Store. You can lead and grow one of 20 historic civilisations, forge relations with your neighbours, or aim for global domination. You can even be the first to colonise the stars.


Draw Something

Another mobile gaming phenomenon, Draw Something offers a little bit of Pictionary on the go action. Enjoy turn-taking battles with friends as you attempt to decipher their inane scribbles.


Ice Age Village

Scrat has lost his acorn. Whilst trying to find it, a crack in the Earth’s crust has appeared sending his fluffy friends scampering for safety. It’s up to you to create a new village for the Ice Age world creatures.


Adventure of Ted

Another take on the classic platform genre, Adventure of Ted has proved hugely popular on the Nokia Store. Now you can download it for the Nokia X. Run, jump, avoid enemies and get Ted home safely. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Dragon Mania

Meet the fiercest and friendliest dragons you’ve ever laid eyes on. Then raise and breed them to build and complete your collection.


Brain Champion

Developed in-house at Nokia, Brain Champion will tax your cognitive talents and leave you sharper than a glass drawing pin.

Solitaire – Free

Every phone needs a great solitaire game. Thankfully, the Nokia X has plenty at its disposal, but we’re big fans of the simply titled Solitaire – Free. It’s solitaire and it’s free.

snake3D_02-192x192Snake 3D


If you own a Nokia phone and you don’t have an interpretation of Snake at your disposal, you’re doing it wrong. This version, as the name suggests, takes it to a third dimension, but the concept remains the same. Avoid eating yourself by accident.




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