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March 28, 2014

How to take the perfect selfie with your Nokia Lumia

You’ve got the smartphone and you’ve got your social following. Heck, you might even have the looks, but how do you capture the digital epidemic that is the #selfie? By following these six easy steps, of course.

Warning: may contain humour.

1. Positioning

Make sure your arm is at the right length from your body. Too far and people will think you have a tiny head, too close and people will mistake your face for the moon, especially if you use a flash, which is generally not advisable.

Best to use the Ivory effect using Nokia Creative Studio, which instantly raises your attractiveness six notches from ‘pale accountant’ to ‘Hollywood actor’.



2. Location

Popular selfie locations include trains, The Oscars and public restrooms. What all these have in common is low lighting, easily handled by the Nokia Lumia 1520, 1020, or any other PureView Lumia.

Once you take the shot, remember to share it on Facebook, Twitter and the 17 other social networking sites you’re signed up to but never use. If you’re a celebrity, it’ll be re-tweeted 2.8 million times in 24 hours. If you’re not, it’ll be favourited or liked by one family member.

Take your best #Spaceselfie and win from Nokia's Imagin8.

3. The Pose


Shooting from slightly above the head will help hide any spare chins. Looking slightly off-camera will make it look like a friend is taking the shot, creating the illusion of popularity.


A widespread selfie ‘look’ is to suck in your cheeks and purse your lips, making you resemble a mallard. Don’t suck too hard though, or you might collapse in on yourself. Again, not advisable.



4. The Shot


Make sure the camera setting is actually switched to face you and you’re not just taking a photo of the horizon. Your arm will be at an awkward position, but don’t worry about holding too steady, Nokia’s Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) tech in Lumia PureView smartphones will ensure there’s no blur.

For more animated selfies, experiment with Nokia Cinemagraph and share your creations.



5. Editing

Remember to use the Remove Moving Objects feature in Nokia Camera, or crop your photo to eliminate anything potentially embarrassing, such as photo bombers, your extended arm, or the fact you’re in a toilet. You should also take the time to tag the shot, as when you’re done you’ll look so unlike your actual self you might become confused when revisiting your selfie at a later date.



6. Repeat

You’ll be able to store thousands of photos on your Nokia Lumia. Those that don’t fit can be stored on your free OneDrive account, so be sure to take at least ten selfies per hour.

If you only take one thing from this article, it should be to remember not to smile in any selfie. Smiling is for amateurs. Trying to work out 728 divided by 17 will create the perfect look in your eyes every single time.


by Rob Temple