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March 29, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

As March draws to a close we’re already feeling the joys of spring here in NokiaLand

Why? Well, the snow’s melted for a start but more importantly the Windows Store is blossoming with new, irresistible and essential apps popping onto our virtual shelves each week. This week has been no exception: scroll on down to read all about our five favourite new and updated apps for our much loved Nokia Lumias.

Starfleet War

What is it? An old-skool flight simulator shooter

Why we love it: It’s a classic pattern: fly your little ship in the face of oncoming danger, collect treasure, upgrade your weaponry and, above all, deploy evasive action! The game is fat, the controls responsive and the graphics are good and colourful. It won’t blow your mind, but it’ll give you hours of entertainment.

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages.




What is it? A YouTube app

Why we love it: Without an official YouTube app, plenty of third-party versions have tried their luck in the Windows Store – we particularly like myTube and MetroTube. Toib is another contender: with a clean interface, and watch later, favourites and playlist functions, it’s a nice quick-loading option. We wish it had the auto-replay function we love so much on myTube, but hey, you can’t have it all –the HD display with this app is great and the visuals all-round are superb.

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone who watches videos online




What is it? A crowd-sourced ticket sales site

Why we love it: Browse this app to find or sell tickets for sale, for gigs, sports events, travel and theater. Say you’ve got a spare ticket for the next big game because your buddy dropped out: sell it on twicket! Or check the listings for tickets for that sold-out gig you long to attend. Sadly, this is a UK service only, but for our British readers, it’s a good one. Sales are announced on the twicket twitter feed, so if you have got something to sell, you’ll know it’ll get advertised. For buyers, it’s easy to browse and easy to use.

Who it’s perfect for: gig-goers


eharmony WP8

What is it? A dating app

Why we love it: For all those WP users who felt cheesed off by Valentine’s day, here’s a solution: sign up to eHarmony, one of the bigger online dating communities, right from your phone with the new official app. The app itself is free and you can sign up to the service for free, but getting a subscription will unlock all the functionality, like other peoples’ photos and who’s looked at your profile. You can get a taste of it for free, though, and whatever about your potential dates, the app is undeniably lovely.

Who it’s perfect for: single adults


Magnify BETA

What is it? An RSS reader

Why we love it: It’s so pretty…. Seriously, though, there are plenty of RSS apps out there, and they all have different strengths – we like Nextgen’s stripped-back text-based vibe, for instance – but we have to say, we’re pretty smitten with Magnify’s lovely image-heavy look. It lets you browse a pre-existing cache of news-sources by category (news, finance, books, etc) or add your own content, and it displays the resulting various feeds in a metro-like grid of colourful pictures. Reading an article, the page-turns are animated so it looks like you’re flipping a cube: amazing! This isn’t a new app, but because it’s in Beta, each update is pretty significant, and since the most recent (earlier this week), it’s starting to look like a game-changer. Definitely worth a punt.

Who it’s perfect for: RSS feed users


Five crackers bound to put a springtime spring into your step. We’re loved up with each and every one of them. But what about you? Which most tickles your fancy. Let us know down below.

 Image credit: Thomas Rousing