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March 31, 2014

9 Flickr groups every Lumia lover should check out

Though it seems like new photo sharing sites are popping up all the time, few can still beat good old Flickr.

We all love Instagram, for example, but sometimes the square format and small photos are simply not enough to really show what we can do with our Nokia Lumias. And despite the fact that Facebook is getting more and more popular as a photo sharing platform, it’s not made for showcasing your talents behind the camera – particularly with the way it compresses the photos, which noticeably reduces the quality .

Happily, Flickr gives you loads of space to upload your shots, full resolution images and an easy to use interface. What’s more, Flickr Central and Flickr Booth are both excellent third party Flickr apps for Windows Phone. These pretty much guarantee good times, whether your sharing your best photos with the public or just enjoying the work of others. And the almighty tags work, too! There’s already plenty of different Lumia-related groups in Flickr, but which ones are really worth joining? Well, here’s a selection we think all Lumia-lovers should check out:

Lumia 1020

What is it: You might guess what this group is all about – this is for Lumia 1020 only.

Why we like it: It’s the biggest Lumia-group out there with over 1500 talented users and 11,000 beautiful pictures to look at! Definitely worth joining if you own a Nokia Lumia 1020.

nokia lumia 1020 flickr

Nokia Lumia 1020 Photos

What is it: Another great group for Lumia 1020 photos.

Why we like it: You can post your photos to different groups and increase the visibility of your shot. Flickr has a quirky way to calculate the so called interestingness of your photo. If your shot is a true masterpiece and is getting lots of views, favourites and comments, it might get “explored” and even make to the front page of Flickr. Not sure if we have seen any Lumia shots there yet, but it’s only a matter of time!
nokia lumia 1020

Lumia 920 gallery

What is it: A Nokia Lumia 920 group, no surprises there.

Why we like it: Nokia Lumia 1020 might be the most popular Lumia in Flickr, but the stats show that Lumia 920 users are uploading the most photos. I’m all for quality over quantity, though this seems to be a group where those two meet!


Nokia Lumia 920


Lumia 800 photography

What is it: Another dedicated group, this time for Nokia Lumia 800.

Why we like it: Good to see the older models getting some love. Full of nice shots, but could use a bit more activity… Maybe you should join the group and show other Lumia 800 users some of your magic?

lumia 800



Lumia 1320 photos

What is it: The title says it all again.

Nokia Lumia 1320

Why we like it: Wow – there’s already a group in Flickr for this! It seems that there’s currently only one member in the group, so join up quickly to be one of the first to show off your Lumia 1320 photo skills.


Lumia 520 Lumia 521

What is it: This one’s for the 520 (EU) and 521 (USA)

Why we like it: You don’t always need all the bells and whistles to take excellent photos. And while lacking some of the goodies of the big brothers, the Nokia Lumia 520/521 seems to be number 3 in Lumia popularity rankings in Flickr with over 1000 photos uploaded only yesterday. But where are all the photos actually posted? This is the most popular group for this phone, but has only 350 photos! If you know, please make sure you tell us!

Lumia 520 Lumia 521


The Pureview club

What is it: This is the Flickr group of the Pureview club, a website dedicated to PureView technology.

Why we like it: What better way to celebrate the technology than by showing the world tons of breathtaking photos.


We Are Juxt: Windows Phone Experience (Photography)

What is it: The Flickr group of We Are Juxt, an online community dedicated to mobile photography and mobile art.

Why we like it: Besides being a place to see fantastic photography, the global community of We Are Juxt is showing how technology helps us all to create art wherever we are.


Cell Phone photography

What is it: A massive group for all cell phone photographers out there

Why we like it: Remember the Nokia E70? I used to carry that one in my pocket back in 2005, when this group was started. And to be honest, my phone photos back then left a lot to be desired! We’ve come a heck of a long way since then, but this group shows that stunning photos can be taken with any device!



Flickr also lets users to curate small galleries of up to 18 photos. We decided to create one and chose 8 amazing Lumia photos from the existing groups. Now we need your help to get 10 more! Post your shots to Flickr by the end of April and add the tag #Nokiaconnectsgallery, and you’ll have a chance to get your work included in our Lumia Flickr pics hall of fame! Check out the gallery and discover what we like most about those photos. We look forward to seeing how our gallery pans out… in the meantime, please tell us which are your favourite Flickr groups. Are they included in the above or have you found something outstanding we’ve overlooked? Comment is free down below.