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March 31, 2014

Nokia Lumia blogagramer of the month: Clinton Jeff

We’re almost as big fans of Instagram as we are of bloggers. Now, happily, we can combine the two.

One of the fantastic things about Instagram is the window it gives you into people lives, regardless of whether it’s that of a pop star, a newspaper photographer, a fashion designer or a tech blogger. To celebrate this, and to unleash our inner voyeur, we’re launching a new monthly series where we ask the movers and shakers of the tech blogging world to share their Instagram everyday lives. What better person to begin with then than avid iger and Editor of, the one and only Clinton Jeff.


So C.J, big question to start with, which Nokia Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I have the Nokia Lumia 1020. I’ve always been a camera-first-phone-later kinda guy so after the 7650, N82, N8 and 808 PureView, it only made sense that I own the best camera phone in town.

I love a lot of things about the 1020. The pureview take on zoom is awesome and comes in handy all the time. The optical image stabilization in video is probably my second favorite thing about it.

What do you like best about Instagram and how does it help you with blogging?

I love that Instagram helps you tell a story. It might be just your day, your family week, your vacation somewhere, your recipe for something or a fitness tip, it’s really fun to see what people post. It’s a lot more than food pictures, really!

I don’t use Instagram much for my blog much, but usually whenever I’m at a phone launch event I’ll post a couple things from there to show people what’s going on. I used it a lot at Nokia World 2013 for that purpose. Otherwise it’s just usually what phone I’m using at the moment and a instagrammed-camera-sample from it, or what I think of the phone. I try to balance it out so that my Instagram isn’t just all about phones though haha.

What are your top tips taking Instagram photos on your Nokia Lumia?

My best tip would be to learn to use Nokia Camera to really push the camera on your Lumia. Otherwise I highly recommend 6tag (along with the official Instagram app) as it let’s you upload your pictures in non-square format which can look even better.

What are your five favourite Instagram pictures you’ve taken.



In Udupi, there’s a really old lighthouse nearby that’s still functional. The view is fantastic from it, but just as cool inside, with it’s spiraling staircase. Here’s a picture of the lighthouse incase you guys are wondering what it looks like from the outside.


I was walking around Taipei when I spotted this and thought it was genius! What a creative way to fill in a crach in a wall, haha.



This is one of my favourite pictures because it’s a guy creating a Rangoli in a fancypants hotel that I had to swing by to attend a press conference in Delhi. It took him hours and each flower petal was meticulously placed. The end result was a huge, gorgeous design.


This was taken at the Nokia World party in Abu Dhabi last year. They had these awesome firedancer people perform, which meant we all got to test out how good our cameraphones really were. My 1020 did a pretty awesome job of capturing this guy in action!


About a month ago they put up this huge giant flag up at “Connaught Place” here in Delhi. It’s supposed to be the largest flag in the country on the highest flagpole, and it kinda looks really majestic. I had more fun seeing people’s reaction to it because it’s still “new” heh.

And who are the five Lumia Instagramers you think everyone should follow and why?


@BlackPhoebe has been one of my favourite mobile photographers for years now and I was incredibly happy when she joined Instagram a few months ago. She has a lot of really great landscape shots but I love her spottings of random flower type objects around Los Angeles


David Detko is one of the most creative people I follow on Instagram. For example, this picture was taken with the Tiny Planets Pro app on Windows Phone. He’s a great photographer and I’m always in awe of the fantastic shots he gets out of his Lumia 1020.


@Davidhkmwp is one of the few people I’ve known only through Instagram and then across other Social networks. He lives in Vietnam and his take on everyday objects is just amazing.


I have huge respect for Olivier Wong because he manages such amazing pictures out of his Lumia 920. I loved the Lumia 920 but I didnt think it was capable of shots that could rival the 1020 in certain scenarios.


I love San Francisco and so was really happy to find Nikolas on Instagram. I love his scenes from in and around San Francisco. They’re really amazing!

Awesome insights, awesome photos and awesome recommendations! What more could you ask for from the first of the series? If the answer is more of Clinton Jeff (and who would blame you) why not unleash some questions in the comments below. Alternatively, be sure to follow the man himself on Instagram and check out his cracking blog,