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April 1, 2014

Asha app spotlight: Opera Mini web browser

With the Opera Mini web browser loaded onto your Nokia Asha smartphone, surfing the web, learning about the world, or simply just passing the time is simple and fast.

Data reduction

Opera Mini has been designed to enable you to browse the web up to 90 per-cent faster, due to clever data-saving technologies performed before the website even makes its way to your phone.

For example, using a Nokia Asha 502 and with the Opera Mini web browser pointed to, after navigating from the homepage to one of our stories the amount of data savings was actually 94 per-cent. More than advertised.


As you can see from the photo, the page was reduced dramatically to not only make the browsing experience quicker, but to reduce download costs.


With all of this compression going on you’d be forgiven for thinking that this browser is light on the features. On the contrary, Opera Mini web browser is packed with them.

The address bar (where you type your URLs) also doubles-up as a search bar. Just type in what you’re looking for on the on-screen keyboard and tap the return key.

The Opera Mini web browser homepage contains news and updates from your most-viewed websites and suggested links. The ‘speed dial’ segment is where you can get quick-access to sites such as Gmail, Wikipedia, Amazon and many others.


Situated at the bottom is your navigational panel. Here lie the tools that’ll help you navigate around the web easier.

The back and forward keys do the obvious, but press the big ‘O’ – for Opera – key to bring up a plethora of the settings – including the data usage section

Opera Mini web browser also supports tab browsing. This means you can view more than one page at a time without having to close a window and start again from scratch when you change your mind.

If at any point you wish to return to the  Opera Mini homepage, just tap the home key (represented by a block of squares).

Opera Mini web browser is available across a wide range of Nokia Asha devices. For further details, and to download Opera Mini web browser onto your device, head over to the Nokia Store. It’s free!

Are you an Opera Mini fan? Tell us why, below.