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April 2, 2014

Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of March

Gamers, look smart – have we got some goodies in store for you courtesy of some of Windows Phones’ finest developers!

As much as we love all those productivity, business, social, photography and miscellaneous apps that are packed into the Windows Store, we’ve got a soft spot some good old mobile gaming. We try to feature the best of the new and updated apps every week, but it’s not always possible to fit everything in, and because the developers seem particularly productive when it comes to games, we can’t always feature our top titles. Here, then, to fill the gap, are ten fantastic games that came out in March. Let us know if we’ve missed your favourite!

Witch Potion

Why We Love It: Make potions from a stash of variously disgusting ingredients to stop black magic messing with your magical peers… Gather and arrange your ingredients in as few moves as possible to get through all 120 levels. It’s cute and colourful: one for younger players, really, but the gameplay is engaging enough to keep parents going for quite some time, too.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 16.22.48

Dengen Chronicles

Why We Love It: It’s a manga RPG game – that’s got most of you paying attention, right? It’s a card-based game. Four Manga families are at war with one another in the game’s universe – pick one and create your deck of warriors, customizing them to your taste, and then start battling, either against the computer or against real-life opponents. The graphics are great and the gameplay is fun. This one seems to be picking up steam, so give it a shot now!



Skelly Rider

Why We Love It: This is an endless runner crossed with an RPG – odd, huh? Get ready to suspend some disbelief… As the title suggests, you’re a skeleton riding a dinosaur, on the run from a big bad T-Rex. Unlock different dino-ponies and different outfits for yourself, collect money and try to stay alive. We love the sheer insanity of this one…



IQ Safe

Why We Love It: It’s James Bond meets Sudoku – no, really. The idea is to crack the safe code by solving numerical puzzles that aren’t a million miles from the type of brain-twisters Sudoku fans will know and love – within the time limit, of course. Like all the best puzzles, it’s both maddening and addictive. In-game tutorials will help you get the hang of it. Good luck…




Why We Love It: It’s a dungeon puzzle adventure game. Defeat monsters and solve challenges: who doesn’t love these things? This is a beautifully-drawn game which makes lovely use of light – your torch will attract or repel different monsters. The controls are a little idiosyncratic, which won’t please everyone, but we kept going back for more…


Zombie High Vol 4

Why We Love It: It’s the fourth in a franchise, as the title indicates, so there’ll be a bunch of pre-existing fans, but newbies shouldn’t feel put off from jumping at Vol. 4. It’s basically a choose-your-own-adventure zombie-killing game: think Buffy! We also love to see a kick-ass female led character, so this gets bonus points. Creepy and addictive: It’ll keep you awake at night, we guarantee that much.


Gin Rummy Pro

Why We Love It: Something of an old-fashioned choice, we’ll admit that much, but sometimes you can’t beat a good game of cards – there’s a reason computers haven’t killed the decks. Users new to the game can get the hang of it on Easy mode and with two harder modes, more seasoned sharks can step it up a notch. Give it a whirl and then challenge your grandparents to a game…


Clan Defenders

Why We Love It: It’s a shooter set in the Stone Age: that’s a heady combo! A mean old invader’s ruining your island idyll, so you’ve got to get armed up to save your home and your people. Lots of weapons, lots of locations, over a hundred levels, crazy (and historically dubious!) enemies and bright fun 3D graphics makes this one an entertaining affair all round. Who knew life was so eventful back in 10,000 BC?


BikeMania 2

Why We Love It: Three worlds, a gazillion levels, and loads of challenges: this is one for budding trick riders! You control a rider in this side-scrolling game: speed up, lean forward, lean back, and basically try to keep your rider going past as many obstacles as you can. It takes some getting used to, but it’s already a keeper.


Tractor Parking 3D

Why We Love It: Okay, we know it’s getting little whimsical now, but we just love the actual concept here: parking a… tractor. Genius. And, of course, a challenge, as you might expect. Get yourself parked up to proceed to the next level – and there are a lot of levels. This one’s a lot more compelling than you might expect – especially for driving perfectionists…