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April 4, 2014

5 Things You Might Not Have Known You Could Do on Surface

Recently we’ve shared with you some of our favorite Surface tips & tricks and how sharing Surface is easier than ever with multiple user accounts. Today we’re here with five more tips – things you might not have known you could do on Surface.

1. Bring up the Quick Link Menu – Select the Windows Key + X or right click the Start Button to bring up the Quick Link Menu on your Surface. The Quick Link Menu gives you easy access to things like your Control Panel, shutting down your Surface and your Task Manager.

2. Name your Tile Groups – Want to keep all your shopping apps in their own tile group? Maybe you have a group of apps you use consistently for work, you can customize your Start screen by naming your Live Tile groups anything you want, like “Shopping” or “Work”.

3. Use a keyboard designed specifically for your thumbs – did you know that in Windows 8.1 you can access a thumb keyboard?

4. How to take a screenshot on your Surface: Press and hold the Windows button, and press down on the lower volume button on the side of your Surface. Your screen will dim a little for a moment when you do this. Your screenshots will be saved their own separate folder inside your Pictures folder.

5. Right-click without a mouse – No mouse no problem, you can right click with your finger on your Surface.

Once again we hope you enjoy these Surface tips & tricks, we’ll continue to share these so stay tuned!

The Surface Team