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April 4, 2014

Picture-perfect: Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 Beta arrives

What better place to announce the latest release of the Nokia Imaging SDK than to thousands of great app-makers at the Microsoft Build Developer 2014 conference.

The Nokia Imaging SDK provides developers with the right tools to build apps that take advantage of Nokia’s top-notch and innovative camera hardware. By doing so, some truly superior apps can be created that look outstanding and offer fantastic features to those that use them.

The latest release, Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 Beta, includes some new functionality.  So, what can our developing community look forward to?


Windows Phone 8.1 support

The Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 Beta now delivers support for Lumia smartphones running the newly announced Windows Phone 8.1, in addition to the customary Windows Phone 8.0, Windows 8.1 and 8.1 RT, all derived from a single codebase – an illustration of the productivity gains developers can achieve with Windows convergence.

Animated GIF support

Apps such Nokia Cinemagraph rely on the ability to create animated GIFs.

Lumia shots_2_featured

Now, thanks to the Imaging SDK 1.2 Beta, developers can make their own animated GIF apps to excite and wow people.

Moreover, the added Image Alignment API will help to stabilise your photo sequences from those pesky minor handshakes, especially in devices without the PureView OIS.

Combining images

By using the new Local Blending API, it’s now possible to combine and position images of different sizes on top of other images, allowing for much more interesting creations – great for adding e.g. badges or stickers to images, or combining front and back camera photos for the perfect group shot.

Getting hold of the new Nokia Imaging SDK 1.2 is easy. Head over to Nokia Developer for the download and for additional details. It’s available today!


If the thought of being able to create spectacular, imaging apps wasn’t enough to spur you on, why not check out the Imagin8 Mission competition. New challenges that are specific to the Imaging SDK 1.2 have been added today. You could win a zero gravity experience for your app creation.

Developers, are you ready? Download and create!