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April 5, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

I guess we’ve probably seen all the good apps already, right? Right? No, of course we haven’t!

April Fool! Ahem. Belated pranks aside, we’re pretty sure we won’t ever have seen all the good apps, because there are so many created for Windows Phone every day… To prove our point, here’s the five that most impressed us this week!

Old Photo

What is it? An image-editing app

Why we love it: We know there are plenty of photo post-production apps out there, but if you just want to give your snaps an old-school sepia vibe, then this’ll do the job very easily. The free trial lets you try out the effects, but you’ll have to stump up to save the results. There are five degrees of sepia-esque tint to choose from.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers

old photo

Easy Spender

What is it? A personal budgeting app

Why we love it: Again, this is far from the only budgeting app in the Store, but we always like to check out the newbies, and this one doesn’t disappoint. There’s a bunch of expense and income categories (you can add custom ones too): select the category, type in a figure, and presto, done! Tap on ‘balance’ to check your totals: debits are in red, credits in green, and your overall balance is at the bottom. Simple and clear, it’s a good one for tracking your spending.

Who it’s perfect for: people on a budget

easy spender

NYC Park Events

What is it? Exactly what you’d imagine: a listings apps for events in New York City’s parks.

Why we love it: Handy for locals and for tourists, this is a really comprehensive service if you’re after outdoor activities. The home screen lists ‘New and Cool’ events: click through for details. You’ve also got video guides to the parks, an image gallery, a news section from the NYC Parks and Recreation Department (sadly unaffiliated with the TV show of the same name…), and directions on how to get around the city.

Who it’s perfect for: Anyone in NYC who likes a bit of fresh air.

NYC park events

Fifa World Cup 2014

What is it? An unofficial info app for the soccer world cup this summer

Why we love it: Okay, it’s a bit early, but the World Cup only comes every four years! This newly updated app will be a good companion for anyone who’s eager to hear all the pre-tournament news. The interface is a little crowed, but it’s absolutely packed with information – news, groups, stadium details and a fixtures calendar. Bring it on!

Who it’s perfect for: football fans

FIFA world cup

Cup of Sugar

What is it? An app that lets you keep track of stuff you’ve borrowed or lent out,

Why we love it: It’s dead simple, but actually incredibly useful. Make a note of what you’ve given to whom, or who’s borrowed what from you, and the app creates two lists, and gives you the option to cross stuff off by marking them ‘returned’. Really handy: a keeper, we think.

Who it’s perfect for: serial lenders and borrowers


Something old (photos), something new (World Cup 2014), something borrowed (a cup of sugar), something blue… err, nothing blue there after all, I’m afraid. But weren’t we pretty close to the perfect marriage of apps this week? If there be anyone reading who may show just and lawful cause why a different app should have been included, please speak in the comments below or forever hold your peace.