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April 5, 2014

Nokia Lumia Instagramer of the Week: Susan Drysdale

One of the things we love best about Instagram is how it allows you to travel the world at the touch of your Nokia Lumia.

One second you can be enjoying the beauty of a Finnish farm, the next that of a Bali beach. According to the UN, there are 193 nation states and with Instagram you can visit them all. Today, we’re heading to world’s second largest country’s largest city, Toronto, the home to this weeks Nokia Lumia Instagramer of the Week, Susan Drysdale. A WordPress designer and digital photographer, Susan takes magical photos of the Toronto cityscape. But don’t take our word for it, once you’re read her insightful interview, scroll on and down and see for yourself.

Which Nokia Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

I have the Nokia Lumia 1020. I wanted to upgrade from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to something with a better camera and some research lead me to the Lumia1020 as my best choice. I also have the Camera Grip Battery Case for it, which I highly recommend. It makes the camera easier to use with the shutter button, tripod mount, and extended battery life. I love that the camera shoots a low res & high res at the same time and the manual shooting control options are handy too.

nokia lumia 1020

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

Mostly Toronto, so far. I just started using it at the beginning of the year and haven’t had a chance to travel anywhere since, but wherever I go the Lumia goes with me.I shoot landscapes, cityscapes, architecture, public/street art and whatever else I find interesting.

I go on long walks several times a week, seeking out great spaces around the city – from the downtown urban jungle to the peaceful parks, ravines and waterfront areas. I love exploring the geography of the land that the city occupies and the man-made objects within it.

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Nokia Lumia?

As I mentioned above, my top tip is get the case. Having the shutter button was such a bonus during the extremely cold winter we had this year – didn’t have to take off my gloves to get the shot. And you can set it to turn the camera on with the button without having to touch the screen. I also prefer to shoot at the 16:9 aspect ratio – excellent for shooting landscapes and for capturing a large view of the scene and cropping down and interesting part of it to the 1×1 ratio for Instagram.

But, the most important thing is to just keep getting out there, keep shooting and have fun. When I’m outside in the bright sun sometimes I can’t even see what I’m capturing at all and yet I’ll get home and discover I actually have something I can work with. This camera handles light surprisingly well so if you see something interesting, find your moment and go for it. My favourite 2 apps for editing are Nokia Creative Studio and Fhotoroom.

Which five Nokia Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?

I’m new to Nokia Lumia, so I’m still finding new people in the community. I’ve been tagging #lumia1020 since I started using the device and I’ve connected with these creative and talented users:








Caught this on my first photo-walk with my new Lumia1020 on Boxing Day. Luckily this couple passed by wearing red, which made for a great Colour Pop opportunity.

Sugar Beach, a man-made beach area beside the Redpath Sugar factory in the Toronto Harbourfront. A fresh coat of snow really made it look it’s name.


Skating with a few people from the @torontophoto group at Harbourfront Centre on an oddly warm and rainy January day. The thick fog on the lake erased everything in the background and made the ice very wet and reflective.


The same day as the previous shot. After skating in the drizzle we went inside for a bit. When we came out back the fog was lifting and the sun setting. @candidcameraman and @mamamcc went for a walk on the pier and I hung back and caught this shot.


More fun with Colour Pop : The Fifth Floor Tower by architect Frank Gehry at The Art Gallery of Ontario, against the Georgian architecture of The Grange.


Industrial wasteland on one side and a ramp to the highway on the other, but the puddle gave it a symmetry that turned into something much more interesting.


A well-timed walk to the grocery store with a slight diversion down Chester Hill Road.


A kid on a sled being towed up the hill on Logan Ave. on Withrow Park


Polson Pier Sunset, shot puddlegram style – camera upside down and low to the ground.


On the first really spring-like day of the year I went for a walk to Woodbine Beach and found a perfect puddle left by the melting snow.

We’re massively loved up with Susan’s photography and how it showcases one of our favourite North American cities. If you’d like to see more of her work, make sure you follow her on Instagram. And if you’re a Nokia Lumia Instagramer who’d like to see their life showcased here,  follow us on Instagram or share your best pics with #Lumia, or both. In the meantime, we’d love to know which of Susan’s photos you enjoyed most in the comments below.

Image credit: candidcameraman