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April 7, 2014

Nokia Pocket Magnifier: helping people see the world more clearly

One of the latest exclusive Nokia apps to hit the Windows Phone Store is Nokia Pocket Magnifier; designed to help the visually impaired.

While there are built-in ‘ease of access’ functions in Windows Phone 8, such as screen magnifier, text size adjustment, and high contrast options, they’re focused on what’s on screen, rather than what’s behind it.

Nokia Pocket Magnifier is there to assist people with poor eyesight when it comes to anything external; reading books, posters and public transport timetables, for example.


By utilising the camera on your Lumia, Nokia Pocket Magnifier will zoom into text by pinching your fingers together on the screen.

Traditional black ink on white paper can be too bright for some, so there are a variety of filters to help make words easier to read and reducing eyestrain.


You can instead, and cleverly, swap the black for white and white for black. Or, if you find it easier to read yellow, or blue, there are a variety of others colours to choose from.

There’s also a very useful pause screen feature, which freezes what’s currently in view. A great feature that makes things easier to read. They can even be saved into a gallery for reading at later date.

And, in situations where there’s limited light, Nokia Pocket Magnifier has a handy flashlight.

Do you know anyone that would benefit from this great app? Let them know, right away!