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April 8, 2014

Nokia’s new smartphones: views from around the web

With three new Lumia smartphones and the updated Windows Phone 8.1 coming from BUILD 2014 last week, there has been plenty to talk about. We take a look at what people have to say about the latest developments from Nokia.

Nokia Lumia 930




“The camera is clearly the star of the show here: not only does it have optical image stabilization, but the phone also ships with a Creative Studio app that’ll let you add Instagram-style filters to your snapshots. There’s also a new feature called “Living Images” that can be weaved into Nokia’s Storyteller application.”

With the latest PureView technology and greatest imaging experiences, the 20-megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 930 takes amazing photos.





In a breakdown of all the features of the Nokia Lumia 930, Mashable remarks on the speed of this new smartphone:

“Apps, photos and media-rich websites look excellent on the screen. Those sites load fast, too. Calling up the New York Times website — the desktop version, complete with photos, ads and the stock ticker — took just a second or two, thanks in large part to the phone’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip.”

After a brief, yet thorough, hands-on, Mashable concludes with this:

“If this is the future of Windows Phone, things are looking pretty bright.”




Firstly, Gizmodo writes about the GSM, LTE and the data connectivity options on the Lumia 930, then the design and the feel of it in the hand before making note on the 5-inch Full HD OLED ClearBlack display:

“The screen too is sharp and vibrant, with strong viewing angles even under harsh showroom lighting”


The Gadget Show

“The Lumia 930 gets an aluminium frame, with a tough polycarbonate insert for the back of the phone… It certainly stands out from the majority of subtle and subdued smartphones, we’ll give it that.”

Standing out from the crowd is precisely what every Nokia Lumia strives to deliver and the Nokia Lumia 930 is no exception.




Nokia Lumia 630/635

When describing the look of the Nokia Lumia 630, Trusted reviews says:

“The Lumia 630 keeps the colourful style of the high-end Lumia Windows phones, but uses a traditional removable plastic back cover rather than a unibody-style construction… it’s pocketable, cute and a cut above some of the lower-end Android phones we’ve reviewed recently.”


Wired UK states:


“These phones might look playful, but underneath all those swivelly colourful tiles they mean business and offer all the perks that makes Windows Phone 8.1 a great portal to the Microsoft ecosystem.”


It’s true, the Nokia Lumia 630 and 635 offer an uncompromised Windows Phone 8.1 experience.


Who’s looking forward to the Nokia Lumia 930, 630 and 635? Raising two hands is cheating!