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April 9, 2014

Nokia Lumia Challenge – ‘Seasons’ – The Winner!

Whilst BUILD and all the exciting Nokia-related announcements were coming thick and fast from San Francisco, there was a mass of creativity stirring all around the world! It was you guys and girls entering over 2500 images into this month’s #NokiaLumiaChallenge! As you can imagine, narrowing that amount down to 5 has been a monumental task!

However, the beauty of the process is that we got to view so many awesome photographs taken by you all. 2500 is a lot of clicks and the quality of the shots were overwhelming at times.

For those that didn’t enter here’s a quick recap on the competitions theme and guidelines.

The theme was ‘Seasons’ – we asked you to take photographs that embodied the season that you were currently experiencing. The twist in the tale was that the photograph could be taken on any mobile device – not just a Lumia. The winner however would receive one, that’s right, a brand new, shiny and colourful Lumia 1320!

I really wish I could put more entries in this blog post but here are the 4 runners-up in this month’s challenge, followed by the winner!

Chris Macleod captured this sunset in Finland; a place renowned for its iced over lakes in winter time. I’m sure many of us experience cold in the winter but I know that mine hasn’t ever looked quite as beautiful as this. The colours projected onto the static lake are great!



We were sent a lot of Bumblebee and Wasp photos during this competition but this just tops the others due to its awesome colours. It’s vibrant, alive and looks like it has got bags of energy, much like spring just waiting to run into summer and get the party started! Great work Szabi Erdelyi in Budapest, Hungary!


When I was a child the arrival of the winter season would sadden me a bit because it meant I couldn’t go outside as much. The result of this was that I knew I had to enjoy the summers and autumn sunshine as much as I possibly could. This shot by AburgerADay in autumn shows the experience of a child beautifully. Also, put your hand up if you used to kick all the leaves about and jump into them? I know I did!



The use of colour pop by Denes Robert in this shot is very intelligent. Having the city black and white makes it appear cold whilst under a cloudy dark blue sky which just so happens to be covering the sun from warming up what is below, which is how it feels to many of us during the cold seasons. You know the sun is there, you just wish it could stick its head out of the clouds for a little while. Great thinking and a great entry!


And so to the winner….Congratulations!

This shot may look simple but its detail is awesome! Usha has managed to capture the dead leaves of summer being washed into a stream. The colours are brilliant and it really reflects the mood that some feel when summer is passing, knowing that winter is creeping up on us!  It encapsulates everything about the end of summer.



Please join me in congratulating Usha in winning this competition and thank you to everybody who took the time out of your day to share your creations with us. We look forward to sharing them across Nokia social channels in the coming weeks!

Usha please drop me an email to claim your Lumia 1320 prize. Everybody featured here can email me too and we’ll send you some cool Nokia Connects goodies too!

Stay tuned for the next Nokia Lumia Challenge everyone!

Cover image by Emanuela Zaccone