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April 10, 2014

See how Shanya photographed for Nokia in Puerto Rico

The winners of the Photograph for Nokia in Puerto Rico competition have been back from their trip for about a month and a half, and they’re getting nostalgic about their wonderful adventure.

In case you wonder why, you should check out Stephen Alvarez’s video, which showcases not just his amazing photography skills but also the stunning beauty of the paradise-like Puerto Rico. To fully understand why it was such a place to remember, we asked the winners to share some of their memories with us. In response, Shanya Smith sent us photographic evidence of her travel highlights. So sit back and enjoy her adventure.

lumia 1020 murals

“I try to go off of the beaten path when I am away in different parts of the world. I try to stay away from the touristy parts of town and venture to the neighborhoods where the locals hang. While in Puerto Rico I headed to a neighborhood called Santurce which is known for its street art and huge murals.”

lumia 1020 doorway

“The photo on the left was taken for a challenge that Stephen Alvarez gave us to capture a portrait of someone we didn’t know and build a relationship with them. I met this woman and her daughter in the bathroom of the El Morro fort. I was trying to get a photo of the archway with the water in the background, so I asked them politely to move to the side. But as they stepped towards me, I asked them to stop, because I loved how they looked in the light.”

“I love sticking my head in doorways and hallways. Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful stairways and halls that you will ever see.”

lumia 1020 iguana

“I also enjoy meeting interesting people. This guy and his pet iguana were characters.”

lumia 1020 rainforest
“One of the short trips our group took was to El Yunque National Forest. The rainforest had such beautiful greenery and waterfalls.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 10.53.45 AM
lumia 1020 puerto rico shanya
lumia 1020 framed cat
lumia 1020 low light
lumia 1020 low light puerto rico
lumia 1020 puerto rico rooftops

lumia 1020 ship passing at night
Ahh… all that glorious sunlight, the vibrant colours… you can feel the tropical heat and the balmy evenings of Puerto Rico when you look at these photos. If these were competition shots, which one would you pick to win? I’d have to go for the cat framed in the old park bench, because I love cats and I love the idea, too.

For more photographic treats from Shanya, take a look at her Facebook and follow her on Instagram. Then tell us how you like her stuff in the comments below.