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April 15, 2014

The 10 best pics of the Instagram Colour Pop competition

Last month we asked you to Colour Pop your pics on Instagram and, oh my word, did you deliver.

We loved your enthusiastic response to the theme. Take FateStayNight‘ who commented: “What has this contest done for me? I’ve lost weight. Lots and lots of weight walking around my city. We should call this the Nokia exercise plan.” And Ondrej Mitko made us smile by telling how one of his photos cost him two euros. Why? Because he bought red-coloured food for it!

In the course of one month, you sent us a whopping 5633 photos! No wonder picking the shortlist, finalists and winner was such a supreme challenge. Happily, it was a labour of love. You can see why when you scroll down to discover the best of a fantastic bunch.

The shortlist

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Kaludov1020

By Kaludov1020 

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Nosyaj13808

By Nosyaj13808

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Marjakrka

By Marjakrka

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Wonguy974

By Wonguy974

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Simar_70

By simar_70

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Vuviwild

By vuviwild

The finalists

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Animalatina

By Animalatina

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Damardhaval

By Damardhaval

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Trusteetrueluv

By Trusteetrueluv

And the winner is…

Nokia Lumia Colour Pop Recycler920

By Recycler920

Give a massive round of applause to Antoniel Pavliš, a.k.a. Recycler920, who won not just a Nokia Lumia 1020, a pro camera grip, a tripod and a camera bag, but who’ll also have his prize-winning image and two others in the Miami Instagramers Gallery for a month. We totally loved his magical pic, in which the red colour stands out so beautifully.

We’re phenomenally pleased that you all Colour Popped till you dropped, and our shortlist felt way too short. Don’t despair if your photo didn’t make the cut this time, however. You still have two weeks to submit your masterpieces to the #LumiaBW Instagram competition, and who knows, the next Nokia Lumia 1020 kit bag could be yours… But, before you go off taking more photos, please tell us your Colour Pop favourite in the comments below.