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April 15, 2014

Get your skates on: Rollerblade app for Lumia launches

Designed for Nokia Lumias running on Windows Phone 8, this skate app helps you to improve at the sport and build confidence.


The last time I donned a pair of in-line skates, it didn’t end well; thankfully, only my pride was damaged as I careered into a bus stop. However, the odd scrape hasn’t deterred the millions of people who make up the world’s in-line skating community today.

And it’s those people who will be wheely pleased to learn of a brand new, Nokia Lumia exclusive app made by the official Rollerblade® brand group.

Like the increasing number of health and fitness apps out there, the Rollerblade® Inline Skates App has been designed to follow your skating and connect with friends.

Track and skate

Start recording and the app will document where you’ve skated, your distance, speed and laps, and calories burned. These will then be saved to your Lumia as well as the overall leaderboard, if you wish. It’s here that you can see how other people are getting on.

You can choose to have mid-skating voice announcements that inform you about your current activity. Just shift the slider to get more or less messages.

Nice big buttons throughout the app make it simple to navigate when skating. However, you can have your current activity set on the lock screen, which means you don’t need to open the app to see how you’re doing.

Another nice feature are the integrated training plans. Organised by distance and time needed to complete, they contain a wealth of great information for beginner, intermediate and advanced in-line skaters.


Individual training plans cost around £2.29, while ad-free and unlimited plans cost from £7.99 for six months.

The app also contains free tutorial videos, which are a great way to get started or hone your skills.

What’s more, this app is fully geared up to take advantage of the new SensorCore motion sensors coming on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, which will mean even better battery life when chewing up tarmac.

It might even convince me to give in-line skating another go…


Photo Credit: Bojd via Compfight cc