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April 15, 2014

Relive those moving moments with Nokia Living Images

The pioneering Nokia imaging experience continues to evolve as a new way to view your memories on your Lumia arrives.

We caught up with Sami Niemi, who heads up imaging experiences at Nokia to find out more.

“Nokia has been driving innovation in phone imaging for over a decade, with improvements in sensors and optics, and the addition of optical image stabilization, all this is helping people take great photos both day and night” says Sami.

“We also started to focus on combining amazing hardware with new software innovations like Nokia Cinemagraph, which lets people to capture the essence of the moment and not just static pixels, and Nokia Camera that allows people to zoom into the details of a story after a shot was taken.”

What is Living Images?

As part of our overall vision, we want to help people turn static pictures into living memories, and provide exciting new ways for people to capture and share their lives. Living images deepens the way you capture and relive your pictures, with added motion to every one of your shots, bringing your memories to life!

How does it work?

With the new developments we’re bringing to the Nokia Camera app on the Nokia Lumia 930, Living Images is integrated into every picture you take and view. It’s discreet enough to be a picture, but includes enough movement to really take me back to the moment.

While each Living Image is short, less than a second, it’s more than enough to make your photos come alive. It also works with the version of Storyteller announced at Build 2014, meaning the stories you export and share with friends on Facebook and other social networking sites all come to life.


When is Living Images available?

We’ve already announced it for Nokia Lumia 930, with Living Images requiring an update to Nokia Camera and Nokia Storyteller apps.

Any images you’ve taken using Nokia Cinemagraph and Nokia Refocus, including any videos, will also appear as Living Images in your Camera Roll and will be momentarily brought to life as you thumb your way through them.

This not only makes looking through your creations more direct and fun, but less time-consuming as there’s no need to launch separate apps to get a glimpse of them in action.

Living images will also be brought to selected in-market devices during the next few months.

Sound good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.