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April 16, 2014

See how Elena photographed for Nokia in Puerto Rico

Ready for some more stunning photography from a Photograph for Nokia in Puerto Rico competition winner? Good, because it’s time for Elena Goroscenco to share her happy travel memories.

She says the trip with Stephen Alvarez to Puerto Rico was “the best trip of her life,” and the photos back her words up perfectly. Sunsets on a golden beach, sailing through turquoise waters on a yacht, and new friends hanging out together is pretty much the ideal combination for a brilliant holiday. After the masterclass with National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, Elena also fell in love with her Nokia Lumia 1020.

A perfect 10 for Nokia Lumia 1020

“Before traveling,” she tells us, “Nokia Lumia 1020 was an interesting and unknown device for me, but when the photographer Stephen Alvarez shared more new features – I was ecstatic! Stephen taught me not to be afraid to play with time exposure, because thanks to it, you can get some interesting effects. He also showed that you can change the quality, and the most amazing thing is that this phone can shoot in Raw format! For photographers, this is excellent news!”

The excellent news to us is that Elena was willing to share her favourite photos with Nokia Conversations. Puerto Rico, here we come again! Could we stay longer this time, please?


“A trip to Puerto Rico for me was the best trip of my life. I travel a lot and see a lot of beautiful places. But this trip has taken a special place in my memory and in my heart.”


“An interesting fact was that we were completely different people from different countries and cultures. I’ve found new friends and now in at least 5 new countries I have someone to drink coffee with and recall our crazy adventure in Puerto Rico. :)”


“The program, which came up with the organizers of the trip, was perfect to enjoy the beautiful views and have time to make nice photos as souvenirs.”


“The most important thing that pleased me in the whole journey was the surprise and total unexpectedness. Every day brought with it a lot of discoveries and emotions.”


“Puerto Rico was the perfect place for photos with the Nokia Lumia 1020 – because in January, when us Europeans see only cold and gray outside, to be transported to warm summer far away on an island between the two Americas is a rather exotic opportunity.”


“Nokia Lumia 1020 renders very bright colors and Puerto Rico was a great place to show that off.”





“In Puerto Rico I didn’t have the desire to shoot with a professional camera, because the phone gave very satisfying and surprising results. I had been looking for a long time for a compact and not too heavy camera that could capture the atmosphere and beauty, and now my dream came true! Nokia Lumia 1020 – this is exactly what I need! :)”


Elena Goroscenco’s pictures from Puerto Rico are a great advert for Nokia Lumia 1020’s capabilities… not to mention her photography skills! What’s more along with these Puerto Rico pics, Elena also sent us some of the coolest cinemagraphs we have ever seen. Stay tuned for those, because we think it’d be totally unfair to keep them for our eyes only. And while you wait, tell us which photo best depicts your island dreams. Let’s talk beach talk and toast with our imaginary pina coladas in the comments below.