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April 16, 2014

Two SIMs, one phone: the Nokia Lumia 630 dual SIM

Switch to the first ever dual SIM Nokia Lumia

Whether you need two SIM cards because you’re travelling, want to take advantage of the deals from two operators at home, or clearly divide your work and play, here are some of the great reasons the Nokia Lumia 630 dual SIM could be right for you.



Save time and effort

Why carry around two phones, or constantly swap SIMs, when Windows Phone 8.1 very smartly displays your two SIM accounts separately, clearly labelling them 1 and 2, as well as highlighting each with different colours. It couldn’t be easier.

Going abroad

Whilst you remain connected to home with SIM one, getting a local SIM card whilst away makes it cheaper to connect with friends that live in your chosen destination too. It’s a win-win!


Full coverage


Avoid coverage ‘not-spots’ with two SIMs from opposing networks, when one loses signal, just use the other one. That way, you’re always connected.



Work smart


Why carry a separate business and personal phone. You know what we’re going to say…two SIMs, one phone. Simple.


One to charge


Why plug two phones in to charge when you go to bed at night? Free up one of those sockets, and reduce your energy output by charging just one phone.


Save money

From buying just the one phone instead of two, to enjoying the flexibility of choosing the best tariff for your connection with two SIMs, there’s money to be saved with the Nokia Lumia 630 dual SIM.

It’s expected to rollout in May, beginning in Asia, China, India from $169 before subsidies and taxes


Are you thinking of switching? Share your thoughts with us, below.