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April 17, 2014

5 Nokia Lumia Tumblrs photography fans will love

When you’re packing the world’s best camera smartphones, you probably want a place online to showcase your photographic masterpieces.

Happily, there’s plenty to choose from, whether more popular options like Instagram or Flickr to less well know sites like 500px. One place you might not have thought of though is Tumblr. While it’s popular amongst teens, it’s slick and easily customizable design has attracted plenty of photographers too as it’s possible to create a very professional looking blog or portfolio within minutes. Posting your work there does mean your photos might get spread around the web, but there’s still much amazing and inspiring work to be found on the countless different Tumblr blogs waiting to get explored.

And if you’re not yet up to showing the world your talent, following inspirational photographers is easy. Unsurprisingly some of those have been using our much loved Nokia Lumias. Here’s six we think everyone should follow today.

What is it: A phone-dedicated Tumblr by Toni Garcia, Spanish photographer we introduced to you in our Around the World -series

Why we love it: Every time I see a new post by Toni I seriously have to double-check the tags and see if it was really taken with a Lumia. He has a very distinct pure and minimalistic style not too many people master. These talents combined make him one of my personal favourite Lumia photographers out there!


What is it: Eric Gomez, NY-based photographer, snapping around his hometown

Why we love it: This is what you get when you combine New York, Lumia and a talented photographer. The legendary skyline, parks, streets and alleys, Coney Island and subways are all there. In fact, his photos are so good I’d love to see them given more white space to shine.


What is it: Tumblr by Bridgette Shima, another familiar face for the Conversations reader

Why we love it: Bridgette was the Instagrammer of the week in January and if you prefer see her photos in full beauty go check her Tumblr. She has a strong visual sense with an eye for symmetry and patterns in everyday life. She’s also a member of the marvellous WeAreJuxt, a photo community based in Seattle. Definitely worth checking out, too.


What is it: Three friends sharing their Lumia 1020 shots in one place

Why we love it: No matter how good your photos are, people won’t follow you if nothing happens on your site. Keeping all your photography sites and social media apps constantly up to date takes time and having a few buddies working on the same project makes it easier for all. It’s also always fun to see how differently people see the same subjects!


What is it: Nokia UK hosting a Tumblr full of big pictures

Why we love it: Today’s Tumblr sites usually have a clean interface with smallish photos. After all that hard work of clicking to enlarge and browsing through tiny Instagram photos, it’s refreshing to see full screen photos. They also give you a chance to submit your photos to be showcased on their Tumblr, as well as on the other official Nokia channels!


These are just few examples on what’s going on with Tumblr and Lumias photography-wise. As you’d expect  there are loads of blogs concentrating on news, rumours and reviews too. With so much to choosre from the big questions is, which Tumblr-blog or fantastic photographer do you think we should follow? Let us know in the comments below.