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April 22, 2014

3 must-try Flickr apps for Lumia photographers

Who would believe it was almost ten years ago that I discovered Flickr. That was the beginning of my fascination – you could even say addiction – with what others are doing with the same cameras and lenses that I’m using.

While I’ve never been the most active uploader out there, I’ve always loved browsing through the endless archives of great photography you can find in Flickr, learning tricks and picking up new styles. If I’m honest, I still find it hard to function without a daily check of Flickr.

Although the official Flickr app for Windows Phone could do with an update, us Flickr fanatics need not worry. Luckily, there’s a number of totally free fantastic third party apps that give us all we need and more.

While these apps might not offer the full feature set of the web interface, they do at all the basics brilliantly  Uploading photos, commenting, faving and browsing photostreams is fast and easy in each and every one of them. These are our top three Flickr apps… read on to find out why.

Flickr Booth

What is it: A superb app formerly known as 2Flicka

Why we love it: The latest update came with a name change from 2Flicka to Flickr Booth, but this is a top application whatever the name. This app is gorgeous, fast and smooth as butter, and it’s probably got more options and settings than any other Flickr app out there – you can even upload videos! Flickr Booth might take a bit of time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll swipe around faster than your model manages to say cheese. The development team seems keen on keeping the ever-growing user base satisfied and puts out regular updates – good news for all phoneographers!

Flickr booth

Flickr Central

What is it: A clean-cut Flickr client that gets the work done with minimum hassle

Why we love it: Flickr Central is one of those apps that has a Windows Phone look and feel from the very first clicks and taps. The functional interface uses traditional tapping methods to get you around. Though it’s lacking some luxury features like camera or video upload, Flickr Central has the advantage of being about as easy to use as they get. There are still more than enough settings for the hardcore users, too, and plenty of customizing opportunities, like using Flickr photos for your lock screen.

flickr central


What is it: The newest app of the three with a slightly different vibe

Why we love it: Getting bored with all your apps looking more or less the same? Indulged has all the basic stuff and settings to get you going, but with a refreshingly different appearance, menus and titles. The user experience might divide opinions more than on the other two apps, but its own camera and a variety of filters to enhance your photos make it suitable for everyone for speedy and effortless sharing.


Though we’ve tried other applications in the past, from Pixl for Flickr to Flickrology, their lack of updates gives them little chance against our feature-packed, constantly improved favourites above. There might a brilliant app on its way we don’t yet know about, or Flickr might roll out a surprise update for the official app (perhaps in homage to the fantastic Lumia 1020). But until that happens, which of these ticks the right boxes for you and why? Is there a certain feature you’re missing from the full web interface or did we overlook something important? Please share your thoughts, opinions and your Flickr account with us in the comments below!

Image credit: Xanthe Berkeley