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April 22, 2014

BBM for Nokia X: a guide

One of the most popular and long-recognised instant-messaging apps is BBM. It’s available on the Nokia X family; here’s a quick run-through on how to use it.


Once installed from the Nokia Store, there’s an obligatory registration process that asks for details such as a username, password, a password recovery question and answer, as well as some other personal details – the usual.

When complete, BBM will assign you with a PIN number. You’ll need this when it comes to inviting your pals.

Alternatively, if you’ve already used BBM on another device, skip the registration and use your existing BBM credentials to log in.

Making friends

Displayed along the bottom of your screen are numerous options for navigating BBM on Nokia X.

The Contacts menu displays your BBM friends; Chats lists all of your instant messages; Updates shows what your friends have been doing; Groups is where you save your group chats.

Flanking these options is the More option, which contains everything you’ll need to invite and find friends, share your PIN, plus numerous other settings. And you can return and ‘find more friends’ any time by going to the Invite tab located in the menu in the bottom left hand corner of the app.


Sending messages

The action of chatting using BBM is really straightforward; pick the person you want to converse with in your contacts list and tap on their avatar. The messaging screen and on-screen keyboard will pop up in preparation for you to type your message.

Positioned at the top of the keyboard are some extras. The emoticon button brings up a plethora of those little smiley faces that have embedded themselves in popular culture over the last decade along with bigger, bolder stickers that you can download from the BBM Shop.

Tap the attachment button to send a voice note, a new photo from your camera, a saved image from your gallery, a data file, or even your location.

Within each chat session, it’s possible to make a phone call to that individual. Locate the green phone icon on the top right of the screen and tap it – you’ll be talking to your contact in no time!

BBM Channels

While BBM is predominately used to help you chat with your mates, it’s also a place to learn what your favourite brands are doing.

Subscribe to your favourite brand or company channels and get regular updates to their activities. Comment on posts and engage in conversation (sound familiar?). You can even create your own channel and build up your own list of followers. Just make sure you’ve got something to say…

Always connected

BBM on Nokia X is always connected so you’ll never miss a chat from anybody; notifications are received right within your Fastlane.

And, no matter what device or operating system your friends are using, you’ll be able to interact at any time thanks to the wide platform support.

Have you got any hot BBM tips? Let us know, below.