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April 22, 2014

10 Cleverest Lumia shots of the month

If you’ve got a Lumia smartphone, chances are you’re taking amazing photos – thanks to the clever imaging hardware and software. These ten Lumia shots will amaze and inspire.

1. We’ve all seen, or know of, the ship in a bottle trick, right? This clever photo by robmulally modernises the illusion for the 21st century by using a glass prism and a Nokia Lumia 1020.

2. Using a Nokia Lumia 925, kramdevil shared this wonderful photo of light shining through a stained-glass window.

This in itself would be beautiful, but adding the Colour Pop option really makes the window a feature.

3. When you think of springtime, maybe the image of bluebells pop into your head? They do for me.

What better way, then, to demonstrate the power of the Nokia Refocus app than to capture a field (or quite possibly a garden) of the delightful blue flower. @sbisson did to brilliant effect.

4. Little is more calming than watching a butterfly flap its wings.

Unfortunately, they don’t stick around for too long and before you know it, they’ve drifted off on a breeze and gone forever.

Thankfully, @bjh_101 captured one sitting on a leaf and created this Cinemagraph so we can watch it over and over.


5. When you imagine a sunset, do you picture a golden globe sinking into a grass-covered field? No? Well, here’s the image in our head, captured brilliantly by whosane_920 on a Lumia 920.

6. Autumn is a favourite season for many photographers, thanks to the vibrant, deep colours that nature delivers at that time of the year.

Leaves turn from green to yellow, gold and brown, or red as this next photo shows from emanuele_ly – taken with a Lumia 720. Even though were in spring, it’s these kind of shots that stay with us.

7. @KimGranlund simply posts a Nokia Refocus photo of some dandelions in the foreground and a bonfire in the background.

The smoldering orange from the fire, the yellow from the flower and the golden hay all contrast nicely against the blackened embers.

8. It’s a dog’s life, or so they say.

@blurradial captures a canine pal taking it easy. Everything is still, apart from its flitting eyes.


9. The Nokia Camera app developed by Nokia gives you more control over some of the camera settings, such as shutter speed. Davidhkwmp has done precisely that to capture this watery scene.

10. What would a black and yellow bumblebee look like if the world were black and white?

Just like this – thanks to @Nicoleta.

Which is your favourite Lumia shot? Let us know, below.