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April 23, 2014

Asha app spotlight: Championship Edition PAC-MAN

A classic game that still excites retro fans around the world. PAC-MAN Championship Edition is available on Nokia Asha. Get your chomp on!


For those old enough to remember, PAC-MAN was one of the first arcade games. Released in 1980, it proved immeasurably popular.

With little changing in the thirty-odd years since that little yellow creature made an entrance, this version for Nokia Asha delivers the same charm and addictiveness.

Albeit with improved graphics.

The aim is to work your way around a maze, employing PAC-MAN’s gaping gob to chomp the dots without getting caught by a fright of ghosts. Get snared and you’ll use a life. Lose too many lives and it’s GAME. OVER.


However, while controlling our pixel-popping hero, look out for power pellets that, when eaten, will bestow you with special powers to chow down on the troublesome phantoms. Catching them in this state is most pleasing.

Progress through mazes and you’ll rack up points. However, subsequent levels mean faster game speeds. Needless to say, only the finest PAC-MAN players will progress.

The Championship Edition element of this game means you can challenge your friends and post your scores on a global leaderboard.

Are you a PAC-MAN fan? Download PAC-MAN Championship Edition today from the Nokia Store.

What’s your highest score?

Image credit: garann