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April 24, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

If you’re concerned that your post-Easter life lacks sweetness, then stop right there, because we’ve got lashings of sweet, sweet Windows Phone apps for you!

Okay, sure, our metaphors might be mixed, but that’s because we’re dizzy with excitement. Why? Because we’ve unearthed some real gems in this week’s top five finds!


What is it: a phone call-recording app

Why we love it: Creepy or ingenious – it’s up to you to decide! This app allows you to record all your phone calls, and then email, transfer or upload the resulting mp3 file to OneDrive. As the developer suggests, this would be pretty handy for phone interviews. It’s only available for US customers at the moment, but that’s set to change in the future.

Who it’s perfect for: record-keepers and spies…




What is it: The official eBay app for WP8

Why we love it: This isn’t a new release, as many of you will know, but the brand-new update reveals an overhaul of the WP8 version of everyone’s favourite auction site. The old dark layout has been revamped: it’s now bright and white. Searching and filtering have been improved enormously (it’s now closer to the web-version), as has the notification function – though we haven’t bought anything to check this out, so we’ll have to take their word for it. Along with a bunch of other refinements, these all make the app considerably more useful and easy to use: get it, now!

Who it’s perfect for: bargain-hunters




What is it: A torch app for your WP8 phone

Why we love it: We know there are tons of similar apps in the store, but we like this new release: as it says in the blurb in the Store, it’s very minimalist, which means there’s no messing about – there no ads and only two buttons on display: one/off and a link to the Store’s app page to leave a review. You can even hide that latter option. Clean, then, and free, and useful: perfect!

Who it’s perfect for: gadget fans



Album Releases

What is it: A music notification service

Why we love it: Again, this is updated rather than new, but we haven’t featured it before and we think it’s a fantastic addition to your app portfolio. Album Releases, powered by Xbox Music, sends you notifications when your favourite artists release new work. It uses the music in your phone’s Collection as a guide, and you can also follow bands through the app’s search screen. One of the new features in the latest update is the ability to unfollow artists in your Collection – particularly handy if you’ve got a large number of artists downloaded to your phone but aren’t interested in what they’re all up to these days.

Who it’s perfect for: music fans


Fat Joe Run

What is it: an infinite running game

Why we love it: Our hero, Joe, has piled on the pounds thanks to a dodgy diet and no exercise, and he’s pretty downbeat about the situation: now we’ve got to whip him into shape! It’s a pretty basic infinite runner, at heart: Joe runs, clocking up a tally of calories burned and accumulating coins which you can use to buy costumes for him and more. Because he’s pounding the city streets, you’ve got to watch out for cars and pavement obstacles like boxes and fences – dodge and leap your way to fitness! It’s a fun twist on a common genre and not all that easy, either. Let us know how you and Joe get along!

Who it’s perfect for: gamers of all ages


We like to think we’ve discovered a little something for everyone. However, if you’ve found anything else, which adds to the app mega mix, please do let us know down below.

Image credit: Anne Worner