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April 28, 2014

Wedding Planning with Surface 2

Ashlee is a wedding planner and someone who pretty much helps turn people’s dreams into reality. Being a wedding planner she plans and executes one of the most important days in a person’s life, and she’s using Surface 2 as her one device to fulfill her passion for helping people write their love stories. Ashlee spends a lot of time on the go and out on location. On a given afternoon she might be out testing cakes or scouting wedding venues, and Surface 2 allows her to work from wherever she is. You can see from the picture below that Ashlee is using Surface 2 to capture a photo of a cake that she will then send to her client.

A big part of Ashlee’s job is communication. She has to share pictures of her ideas with her clients, keep their feedback organized and make sure that both she and the couple getting married are all on the same page. Excel, OneNote and the camera app play major roles in Ashlee’s days; all of these make her job easier and allow her to explain her vision to her clients for their big day. In the end true love wins and it’s really cool to see Surface 2 play a part in that.

Emilie Bridon
Surface Senior Digital Marketing Manager Microsoft Surface