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April 29, 2014

Nokia Rich Recording on the Lumia 930

The Nokia Lumia 930 not only takes spectacular video, it captures true-to-life audio too.

Imagine you’re watching your favourite band as they perform live on tour, or at a sports match watching your team play to victory; Nokia Rich Recording on the Lumia 930 will be your perfect companion for re-living the action.


To capture better, more realistic audio, Nokia has included four high-performance omni-directional microphones in the Nokia Lumia 930. Two at the front and two at the back.

With the help of digital signal processing, and the perfect position of the mics, four omni-directional microphones are digitally combined into two directional microphones.

Directional stereo recording captures the sound in front of the camera and attenuates the sounds coming from the sides and the back to create a clear audio output.

To get an idea of what Nokia Rich Recording sounds like, plug in your headphones and play this video recorded on a Nokia Lumia Icon, which features the same technology.


Impressive, huh?

How would you use the Nokia Lumia 930 and Nokia Rich Recording.