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May 1, 2014

Our top 10 new Windows Phone games of April

Another month gone, another bumper bundle of fantastic games has hit the shelves of the Windows Phone Store. But which of this cracking crop should you be downloading right now?

Tough question, we know, but here at Connects we’re never ones to shy away from a challenge, especially when it involves playing tons of games. April was a particularly good one for gamers and we were proud to be able to highlight some excellent finds in our weekly round-ups of new and updated WP8 apps – but, as always, space restrictions meant that we couldn’t jam ‘em all in. So, instead, right here, are ten more tiptop games that hit the Store in April and that we think will rock your worlds. Enjoy!


Why We Love It: Propel Splemy through the air in proper slingshot-style fashion to complete each level on time and with all your targets reached. The physics are done well, the graphics are great – cartoon-like, but beautifully-coloured – and the music isn’t bad at all. The first eight levels are free and you’ll have to pay for the rest, but we’d recommend it. A challenge and a lovey one at that.



Dopey and the Meteors

Why We Love It: It stars a dinosaur – who wouldn’t love it? An infinite runner – well, skater, to be accurate – that’s got nifty 3D graphics, so that the viewpoint spins round as Dopey negotiates the landscape. Jump, duck, collect food, and collect bonus items to unlock rewards. It’s neat, the music’s cute and the graphics are lovely. Kids and grown-ups oughta love it.

dopey and the meteors


Why We Love It: Bandits have ruined your life and your village – set out to find them and bring them down! It’s a medieval-cartoon-style turn-based RPG adventure – explore your lands and fight your enemies. Three difficulty levels means it’ll suit a variety of gamers. A fun distraction.


Gold Miner

Why We Love It: It’s a very good remake of an old classic. You’re an old miner at the top of a shaft, trying to hook nuggets and avoid rocks to make your targets. It gets harder as it goes along; figuring out how to snag the gold before the time runs out makes for compulsive gaming. Shame about the ads, but the game’s a freebie.

Gold miner

Towers of Lumnia

Why We Love It: This is a two-pronged game: you can just go for the fighting, or else you can follow the storyline. If you pick the latter, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a pretty decent RPG. The controls are a little clunky but the gameplay is fun, and, ahem, with the Lumnia/Lumia vibe, how could we resist?


Beauty Garden

Why We Love It: It’s a matching game against the clock – think Tetris or Candy Crush, but with plants popping up instead of shapes falling down. You’ve got to strategize about where you place each seedling – get four identical plants in a row, and they disappear and you gain points. Easy, fun, addictive.


King’s Bounty: Legions

Why We Love It: Well, we’re suckers for serious turn based strategy games and this is serious with a capital S. What’s more it has stunning 3D graphics, which  immerse you into the lovingly detailed King’s Bounty universe. Add to that the opportunity to command several types of units including mages, swordsmen, and archers plus countless quests and battles and you have a game you’ll find impossible to put down

Kings Legion

Jelly Smash

Why We Love It: If you like Candy Crush, you’ll love this. Swap bricks around to match colours and clear space on the board. Complete the level within the target time and you’ll advance. Easy! The controls, again, aren’t as smooth as similar games we’ve played, but it’s all just as much fun. Charging to advance levels isn’t so cool, but if you do pay up, you’ll have a blast.


Ninja Newton

Why We Love It: Use your grappling hook to leap and swing your way ever upwards: think Flappy Birds crossed with a sort of medieval Spy Kids situation. Fall and you lose… It’s easy to get the hang of and difficult to advance very far, and we predict it’ll eat up hours of your time. And the music is ace. Thumbs up!



Why We Love It: Another RPG – it must be in the air in April… This one is a winner, though: our heroine is a pickpocket who gets access to the Pylons, enable her to travel long distances. The graphics are stunning and the music and SFX are the best we’ve met this month. Unlike many RPGs, you can roam around and act pretty freely – it’s not turn-based, though you do have to follow the story-line. And we guarantee you’ll want to….

Well, April certainly came up trumps. Let’s hope May can be just as generous with the gaming gems. In the meantime, have fun with these and please let us know which you’re loving best and if we’ve missed any you think should get some love.

Image credit: JD Hancock