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May 4, 2014

Celebrate May the 4th with out of this world Lumia light painting

As practically everyone in the universe knows, today celebrates the planet’s most famous sci-fi space epic. Needless to say, here at Conversations, we’re huge fans. So in homage to the international holiday that is May the 4th we thought we’d try to light up your day.

Following the famed advice of our favorite little green knight philosopher “Do or do not. There is no try,” we did a special photo shoot with our friend Ian Hobson, who you may remember from “The art of light painting with Lumia”.  Ian and our team ventured into London’s Regent’s Park at the dead of night with nothing but light sticks, steel wool, a Lumia 1020, tripod and some creative props like LED sunglasses.

One thing that makes Nokia Camera out of this world is how it allows people to take control of so many features. Using the photographic force features like white balance, ISO and shutter speed, everyone from a Grand Master to a mere novice can easily create beautiful light painting shots just like these.




If you’re anything like us, you’re now probably desperate to join the Lumia light side. Happily, we agree with our wise little green friend’s advice: “If in a dark place you find yourselves, a little more knowledge lights your way.” As a result, we’ve gathered some instruction from the Master of the Lumia light side himself. Here, for our Lumia brethren, is everything you need to know to create awe-inspiring light painting photography with your Lumia smartphone:

  • Set the Lumia on a steady surface or tripod

  • Access the camera control panel by swiping the camera icon left for adjustable settings

  • Set the ISO at a low level – 100 – 200

  • Set the shutter speed to four seconds

  • Set the white balance to the ‘light-bulb’ setting

  • Set focus to infinite

  • Set the self timer to 10 seconds

  • Experiment with different light sources for stunning effects

  • To make the most of the four seconds, get your friends to join in to create more light trails in a single shot

So now you have everything you need to be a Lumia Light Knight, we’d love to see your May the 4th light painting photos. Share them with us and with galaxies far, far away, either here or on Twitter using #LumiaMay4.