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May 8, 2014

Xbox Wordament comes to Nokia X

Wordament-logoThe hugely popular and addictive puzzle game Wordament is now available on the Nokia X family of smartphones – making it the first Xbox game on the platform.

Wordament is designed to be played online in real-time and with thousands of people at once as you battle for supremacy.

The battleground is a 4 x 4 grid containing 16 tiles, each marked with a different letter of the alphabet.

The puzzle board you see is the same version that every other player sees. In order to win, you must find the most words possible, earn the highest score or find the longest words.

Tiles can’t be moved, instead trace your finger over the letters to make a word. The small number in the corner represents the value of each tile.


Each game lasts just two minutes, which will have your fingers working feverishly.

Once the two minutes are over you’ll have access to your statistics during that game. Details such as total and average points, average word length, how many words you found per second, and more.

Download Wordament from the Nokia Store today and challenge yourself, and the world!