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May 9, 2014

Double your photography prize money with Lumia Win Win

If you’re a regular reader of Conversations, you’ll have noticed how often we have photography competitions. Well, now we’re working even harder to reward your artistic efforts.

As you probably know, smartphone photography competitions are getting increasingly popular and the prizes are pretty decent, too. That’s great, of course, but hold it… does that not imply that smartphone pics are no rival to photos taken with a DSLR? With devices such as the Lumia 1020 around, is it still necessary to talk about smartphone photography separately? We think not, and we want to prove our point. Here’s how.

Introducing the Lumia Win Win Project

What if we got more people to enter prestigious competitions with photos taken on their Lumias, and those people were selected to win? That’d show the world, the photography establishment, and all those who don’t believe the next David Bailey could be shooting with a Lumia device. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? And this is how we’ll do it.


A match made in heaven

Do you own a Lumia 1020 and live in the UK? If so, we’re challenging you to enter the world’s most prestigious photography awards with your Lumia photos, from Pulitzer, British Wildlife Photography Awards and National Geographic to Travel Photographer of the Year, World Press Photo of the Year, and British Photographic Portrait Prize. If you win, we’ll match your prize money. Together, we’ll change the way smartphone photography is perceived, while you get double the love. It really is a win win.


From point and shoot to global repute

The evolution of the phone camera has certainly been mind-blowing, from the 0.35 megapixels of the first ever cameraphone in 2000 to the amazing 41 megapixels of the Lumia 1020 today. With the world’s best camera smartphone in your pocket, combined with a whole host of advanced editing techniques and apps, you have everything you need to take equally mind-blowing shots. So, get out there and win one of the 10 internationally famed photography prizes we’ve picked to qualify.

All winners together

And remember, when you win, you win big. Regardless of who picks up the prize first, all of us smartphone photographers will be winners together, too. Let’s show the global photo community what we’ve got and get our art the recognition it deserves! To enter, just head on over to the Shot on my Lumia website. And if you have any questions, just drop them in the comments below.