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May 10, 2014

Lumia celebrates Mother’s Day with a special #NoteToMom

This Sunday, in most countries around the world, we’ll be celebrating our wonderful mothers. Question is what do you have planned for your mom?

Flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed or just big, big hugs? Whatever the answer, we’re sure they deserve it and more. As a celebration of every mom everywhere, we asked Lumia fans around the world to express their Mother’s Day love through their own special #NoteToMom. You sent in ‘selfie’ style photos and video (as well as some baby shaming ones!) of your very own #NoteToMom all taken on Lumia mobile devices. As you’d expect, they came in all shapes and sizes, from notes of promise and acts of kindness to cute confessions. Yet all had one simple thing in common, they all showed off your love for your nearest and dearest. Now we’re sharing this fantastic video of them all to show mom’s around the world just how much their little rascals care!

Why not join in and share your love for your mom this Mother’s Day by uploading your own #NoteToMom. You know she deserves it!