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May 12, 2014

Nokia Treasure Tag now available. Plus more…

Now selling at all good retailers, the Nokia Treasure Tag will stop you from leaving your valuables behind.

Bold in design, the Nokia Treasure Tag can be attached to anything that’s important to you: your keys, wallet, and bag – absolutely anything.


When paired with your Lumia using either Bluetooth (4.0) or NFC, the Nokia Treasure Tag will stay in constant communication with your smartphone, telling it that it’s close by.

If you get up and leave without taking the tagged item with you, both the Nokia Treasure Tag and your Lumia will emit a tone to alert you of the fact.

Most of the time, the audio alert is all you’ll need to be reunited with your belongings. However, if you can’t hear the tone, the Nokia Treasure Tag app on your phone will show you where the connection was lost on a map.

You can pair up to four Nokia Treasure Tags to your Lumia at any one time, leaving no prized possession untagged.

Nokia Treasure Tag comes in four different colours: cyan, yellow, white and black. With a recommended retail price of €24,90 / $29.90, the Nokia Treasure Tag is available now globally, with the exception of China where it will be available later this month.

And in other related news…

Introducing the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini

Much like it’s older sibling, the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini is there to make sure you don’t loose your precious belongings.


Dimensionally similar in width and height, the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini is half of the thickness of the original Treasure Tag, measuring only 5.85mm thin – making it lighter.

Connecting the Mini to your Lumia is achieved through standard Bluetooth pairing to any Bluetooth 4.0 supported device – including iOS and Android devices!

When connected but out of proximity, you’ll hear a tone on your smartphone alerting you that you’ve left something behind and should probably turn back.

The Nokia Treasure Tag Mini comes in white with an orange silicon strap. With a recommended retail price of €14,90 / $16.90 it’ll be available to buy in the coming months.

Which one will you buy? The Nokia Treasure Tag, or the Nokia Treasure Tag Mini?