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May 12, 2014

Thrill shooters: mountains, majesty and Lumia

Adventurous Lumia photography project kicks off in association with Red Bull Photography

World famous Red Bull photographers, including Ray Demski, have teamed up with Lumia to capture some truly captivating shots.

In locations such as the Norwegian Alps, photographers from Red Bull Photography, aiming to break the conventions of what’s possible, will use the Lumia 1020 in a variety of extreme conditions to record a series of shoots, worldwide, over the coming year.


The best thing about the 41 megapixel Lumia 1020 is that you have the power of conventional cameras, but the portability and ease of a smartphone, meaning you can capture and share your adventures in incredible detail, without having to worry about lugging around expensive and fragile equipment.

Whether it’s capturing the sheer scale as you look down (or up!) before you make that leap, or zooming into the details of your journey as you go, you can be sure that a Nokia Lumia is the perfect companion for an adventure.

Specialising in adventure sports, Ray Demski spent 10 days in Norway to scope out jaw-dropping ice falls with pro climber, Alex Luger.

Armed with the Lumia 1020, Demski said:

“I found the camera to be great for landscape shots. It’s amazing resolution for a camera phone and DNG Raw opens up so many creative possibilities.”

“The camera grip is a wonderful accessory. Shooting in very cold conditions means gloves are necessary; the physical shutter button on the grip still made it possible to use the Lumia.”


While climbing the Lyngen Alps in northern Norway, Demski discovered a wealth of incredible terrain and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

“The light is incredible”, he said “I have never seen light like this”.


“With the amount of gear I already have on my back, it is great to have the Nokia in a pocket, when you need to go light and get some shots.”

“As the guys went up, I followed. I had the perfect view; dark blue ice on one side and beautiful golden sunlight. Zooming in on a picture after, I just couldn’t believe the detail we saw.”


To watch the series unfold and witness more truly spectacular shots, visit here