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May 13, 2014

Foodpanda: delivering taste to Lumia and Nokia X

One app, 23 countries, 22,000 restaurants. Foodpanda is the convenient food delivery app you’ve been waiting for and it’s now available for all Lumia devices, running Windows Phone 8, and for the Nokia X family.


Ordering cuisine online isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. You can spend forever debating the style of food with friends, before sifting through the internet trying to find one that’ll transport it to your locale. Even then you’re often unsure if and when it’s going to turn up.

Imagine if there was a mobile application you could use to browse the multitude of delivery options available in your area, complete with full menus and reliable reviews from previous patrons?

Imagine if you could conveniently and securely enter your personal details just once, rather than entrusting your card number to multiple places, then order food, crack open a cold beverage, sit back with friends and wait for the scrumptious sustenance to arrive?

Foodpanda is that mouth-watering dream and it’s now available on Lumias running on Windows Phone 8 and Nokia X platforms in select countries.

The app boasts a database of 22,000 restaurants (none of which actually serve panda… we think/hope) in 23 countries around the world, which makes it a great and trustworthy option for deliveries while on your travels or in unfamiliar territory.


Not only can you access exclusive deals and discounts from this simple and straightforward app, it’s also the perfect solution if your group is unable to decide between pizza, sushi or tacos. Foodpanda allows you to build up your order from numerous restaurants and check out once. Handy.

You’ll still have to wait for separate deliveries, but it’s way more convenient than checking out multiple times with each independent restaurant.

So join the legions of food lovers already enjoying the Foodpanda service and start enjoying better, faster, safer and more convenient deliveries today. And don’t forget to tip your delivery guy/girl for not succumbing and snacking on your tastiness on the way over…

For a full list of countries in which the Foodpanda service is available, click here.