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May 13, 2014

Meet the winner of MVC April and nominate top Lumia Reviews

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often,” the legendary statesman Winston Churchill once said. That pretty much sums up our philosophy here at Connects.

Last month, we relaunched the MVC award to allow more and more people in our thriving community to be nominated. Now it’s time to report on how we did, and most importantly, who won the very first themed MVC award… And in case it wasn’t you or your nominee this time, just read on to discover this month’s theme!

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Congratulations galore

So, was it a success? Well, thanks to you guys and girls, the answer is a proud, resounding yes. We had 13 inspirational nominees and received nearly 200 tweets about nominations altogether. Cue a big cheer to the community and massive applause to anyone who was nominated, you all deserved it! We’d also like to thank you for the super-friendly reception you gave to our new judge Emanuela. While busy checking out all your marvelous nominations, she’s been totally overjoyed by the flood of messages welcoming her to the team.


And the winner is…

As you already know, the Connects MVC award is given to people who do amazing things within our community. Last month, the theme was apps and you voted for an incredible app developer. The winner is… fanfare, please… Sebastiano Gallazzo from Italy with his stunning 4Blend HDR image editing tool for Windows Phone. “Without a doubt, the best HDR app on offer. Infinite number of blends available. Fantastic results if you’re willing to experiment. Love it…”, says one of the reviews at the Windows Phone Store. We wholeheartedly agree and we’re glad you do, too.

A lover of sports, artificial intelligence and mobile development, Sebastiano has dedicated an impressive amount of time and effort on his winning app. As he puts it, “My imaging algorithms have been in the works for 15 years (no kidding!) and I am so happy they help Lumia owners to take great pictures.” That dedication has now paid off – brilliant stuff, Sebastiano and a huge thank you for helping make our Lumia pictures cooler than ever!


Reviews that groove

What’s next at MVC, we hear you shout. Well, we love the way you spread the word about Lumia devices across the globe, and this month’s theme will celebrate exactly that. Please nominate anyone you think writes the most fantastic Lumia reviews on the Web. What we’re looking for is true words of wisdom… not pure praise (though praise is of course welcome when well deserved!) but informative, honest and expert insights into these ever-evolving smartphones.

The prize, you’ll be pleased to know, is as awesome as you’re accustomed to: the winner will receive their very own Lumia 1320 and a Nokia X to review. What’s more, for that trademark MVC personal touch, each device will have the name of the publication engraved on them. Reviews of Nokia X are still few and far between, so this is a particularly Xclusive prize!

It’s nomination time!

Having read this, your fingers are doubtlessly dancing on the keyboard – or, more likely tapping on the screen of your Lumia – to send off your nominations. You can nominate yourself, a friend or just anyone whose big fan you are. As usual, you have two options for nominating:

Send a tweet to @Connects with the URL of the review you’re nominating and the #ConnectsMVC hashtag (for images, videos or tweets).

Send an email to Paul with the title #ConnectsMVC nomination (for nominations that need explanation or have an interesting back story).

Let’s see if we can top last month’s record number of nominees! Keep your tweets and emails coming… we’re looking forward to checking out some Xcellent insights on Lumia devices!