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May 14, 2014

The 6 ace #LumiaFaces from the Lumia Challenge we loved best

Let’s face facts. Your beloved Lumia can be a life changing tool. Now, thanks to this month’s #LumiaChallenge, you’ve shown us how it can be a face changing tool, too.

We’ve already had a fabulous selection of themes this year, everything from New Year’s Resolutions to Lumia Landscapes and to the stunningly beautiful ‘Seasons’ photography competition. However, this month we tried something a little different and, as ever, you delivered in style. Ace of face style.

Our challenge was for you to go crazy with a wonderful new photographic genre called the #LumiaFace. Half smartphone, half human, the #Lumiaface offered you a world of opportunity to showcase your creativity and have a ton of fun at the same time. Incredibly, over 300 of you faced up to the challenge and shared your photos on Twitter and Instagram. However, there can be only one winner (and five runners up). So, without further ado, here in reverse order are our favourite faces.

Runners up:


Gurtej Singh – Location: India – LumiaFace: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


Joanne Bean – Location: UK – LumiaFace: Minnie Mouse


Dhaval Damar – Location: India – LumiaFace: himself – drawn!


“Gadget Gardner” – Location: UK – LumiaFace: Big beard


Marja – Location: Finland- LumiaFace: Avatar

And the winner is….


      “Heinzinger” –  Location: Germany – LumiaFace = The Hulk

We think these are all amazing and it was a real pleasure to go through the hundreds of brilliant entries sent in. We hope you had as much fun making them as we did checking them out. The lucky winner, Heinzinger the Hulk, gets a Lumia 1320, but the runners up are also rewarded for their ingenuity. If you’re one of them, please email Paul at [email protected] here to find out the details. For the rest of us, let’s give the winners a hearty hooray and share our thoughts on their fabulous faces down below.