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May 14, 2014

Fantastic feats of endeavor in Fabien’s final 14!

Voting phase of the adventurous deep-sea competition now live.

Last month we brought you news of a daring world’s-first underwater adventure. Led by Fabien Cousteau (before you ask, yes, he is related), and in association with Lumia, the aim of Mission31 is to live and work 20 meters below sea level for 31 days in the Aquarius underwater research lab.


As well as being equipped with Lumia 1020s (with waterproof housing) for photography and Lumia 1520s for social networking, Mission31 is also giving two lucky people the chance to visit the aquanauts at work in the Aquarius itself.

We asked you to submit your daring feats of endeavor and you wow-ed us with your replies. Fabien’s final 14 have now been chosen and it’s now up to you to pick the winner – we’ve got a Lumia 1020 with waterproof housing up for grabs for one lucky voter.

Be quick, though, voting closes on 19th May at 16:00 BST.


Just click here to vote for the entrant you’d like to see take the plunge next month. Be sure to check back on June 2nd for live updates, exciting challenges, and a vast array of amazing content delivered from our Lumia-loving aquanauts!

In the meantime, here’s a few of video entries to wet (sic) your appetite.

Luca Lo Cicero

Water connects us all, in water I hear my father’s call. With him in Greece my brave endeavour a 60 feet freedive, my greatest ever…

Vuk Vulovic

Fabien Cousteau where art thou? To be continued in Florida…

Kari Signor

Wildlife biologist and photographer always exploring the unknown and seeking new adventures to embark on. Passionate about resolving marine resource and using her images to inspire people to fight for the ocean.