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May 17, 2014

Our favourite 5 new Windows Phone apps of the week

Another week zipped past and another big bundle of new and updated apps for us to play with.

Here’s a top tip from us here at Conversations – use your downtime to catch up on quality time with the Windows Phone Store! We know there’s tons to choose from, but we guarantee you that there are apps in there that will make your weekend one to remember. So without further ado, here’s five of our faves from the week that was:


What is it: a dexterity game

Why we love it: Duet is a test of your patience, your reflexes and your motor control. You have to rotate a little circle and stop descending shapes from crashing into the coloured blobs on each side of it. Sounds easier than it is, we assure you! What’s more, it’s devilishly addictive.

Who it’s perfect for: casual gamers



Time of My Life

What is it: a time management tool

Why we love it: This is a fascinating new release from Microsoft: use it to track your location information throughout the day (or week or month) so you can analyze where you’re spending your time. Generate graphs and charts to check out the data and see if you’ve been loitering just a little too long at the café round the corner…

Who it’s perfect for: statistics fans




What is it: A major update to an excellent music app

Why we love it: Alongside Nokia MixRadio, Spotify’s one of our all-time fave music services, though the level of service you get does depend on which subscription bundle you opt into. This new update is a biggie: as well as a design overhaul, WP customers now get to use the Radio feature, a playlist generator based on the tune you’re currently listening to. There’ve been some other tweaks too, so check them out.

Who it’s perfect for: music fans




What is it: a VoIPchat and texting service

Why we love it: Zello has been in Beta for a while, but as of this week, it’s live for WP customers. Zello lets you chat over Wi-Fi and mobile internet, it’s free, it’s got no ads, and it supports group chat as well as one-to-one messaging. Definitely worth a try, and seeing as it’s cross-platform, we think it’ll be a hit.

Who it’s perfect for: chatty people


Urban Air

What is it: a pollution information tool

Why we love it: First up: this will only work for customers in China, so don’t worry if it’s not doing anything for you. But if you do happen to be in China, this is a nifty new release from Microsoft that will keep you informed about the air quality in the city where you are so you can better plan your activities. Handy!

Who it’s perfect for: anyone based in or visiting Chinese cities


That’s our fab and somewhat eclectic five for the week. We think they’re all worth a look, but what about you? Let us know down below which you like best and any other new apps that have tickled your fancy this week.

Image credit: Freddy the boy