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May 18, 2014

Lumia Instagramer of the Week: Elena Goroscenco

One thing we love about Instagram is that it gives you windows into so many worlds.

To see for yourself you only have to take a look at the wonderful photos of this week’s Lumia Instagramer, Elena Goroscenco. Originally from Moldova, Elena has been a photographer for the last seven years. In that time she’s travelled as far afield as India, Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Puerto Rico, finding plenty of inspiration along the way. As she herself says, “Whenever I shoot, whether for commercial campaigns, editorial projects or my personal work, I search to create narrative stories that can enhance the charm in our life.” Judging from the selection of photos she’s showcased here, she’s certainly managed that. But before you enjoy her Instagram extravaganza, let’s hear what she has to say about her journey as a Lumia lover.

nokia lumia 1020

Which Lumia do you have and what do you like most about it?

Thanks to a photography contest by Nokia posted on Talenthouse, I won the amazing Nokia Lumia 1020. I was surprised at the wonderful quality of the photos that the phone takes. I am a photographer, and I usually need to carry around a large and heavy camera to be able to take beautiful photos. But now, I am now I don’t need that because I always have my Lumia with me so I can always take gorgeous photos.  Most of all,  though I was impressed that it could take Cinemagraphs, because these living photographs are very interesting and its fun to surprise my friends with them. I also really like how I can control the settings, adjust the focus and change the ISO, making it seem like a compact camera, but is very lightweight and has amazing photo quality.

Where do you shoot most of your photos and what sort of photos do you like to take best?

I am mostly a fashion photographer so I take photos of people for work, but I find that the Lumia is more for photos taken during leisure time. When I get tired, I leave all my photography equipment and just go for a walk with my Lumia. On the Lumia I like taking photos of nature, because the camera is incredible at capturing vivid colours. I can play with the settings and use different filters to get many interesting results. Thanks to my job as a photographer, I also get to travel to many new places, and the Lumia helps me discover these new places through a new lens.

What are your top tips for taking Instagram photos on your Lumia?

The number one tip I have for taking good photos for instagram on your Lumia, is that you should take very many photos, then look at them later again. With fresh eyes, you might notice new things and it will be easier to choose the best one for your instagram profile.

Which five Lumia instagramers do you recommend everyone to follow?



Sunrise in Puerto Rico: One of the most amazing sunrises I’ve ever seen.


Another morning in Puerto Rico: Taken when my friend Pina was walking her dog and there was a cool rainbow above them.


I Love this street in Paris and how the Eiffel Tower pokes out between the other buildings.


India is my favourite Country: Not long ago, I was there for a wedding. On this photo, in the middle is the bride and all her bridesmaids. My Lumia made the colours look very vibrant and eye catching.


The Lotus Temple: Unbelievably beautiful architecture in New Delhi, India.


This was taken in my home country, Moldova: The spring here is beautiful, everything is blooming, and I love it.


This photo is very silly! We rode on some boats, and I liked how my friend’s hair looked when it was flowing in the wind.


I love the colours in this photo: This makes me want to run across the beach!


Indian bride and groom: I love their clothes, in fact, this is one of my favourite photos.


Ten amazing shots from an amazing  Lumia Instagramer. If you want to see more of Elena’s work, and of her travels, be sure to follow her on Instagram. And if you’re a Lumia Instagramer and would like to see your work showcased here, you can either follow us on Instagram or share your best pics with #Lumia, or both. In the meantime, we’d love to hear which of Elena’s’s fantastic photos you like best, and why, in the comments below.