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May 19, 2014

10 Best apps for the big-screen Nokia XL

Buy a Nokia XL and you’ll have five inches of glorious display real estate to play with. These apps work beautifully on the big screen.

Facebook Messenger – free

Rather than uploading a daily or hourly status in the attempt to make all of your 652 ‘friends’ LOL, Facebook Messenger is all about those private moments between you and your BFFs.

It works just like the chat window in a Facebook’s web browser; an open dialogue between you and whoever happens to be online at the time.

You can chat privately on a one-to-one level, or bring others into the conversation to create a long-running thread. Hey, you can even add some fun stickers to liven up the mood.

Hit the location button and let your friends know exactly where you are for impromptu real-life meet ups.

OneDrive – free

With all of your devices plugged into the cloud via OneDrive, whatever photo you’ve got stored on your computer can be accessed right on your Nokia XL.

The same can be said about any photo you’ve taken with your Nokia XL – send it straight to OneDrive to be added to your ever-increasing pool of precious moments.

Nokia MixRadio – free

If you’re looking for free music, look no further than Nokia MixRadio.

Browse through the myriad-curated playlists, or create your own personal mix by adding your favourite artists. Music playlists can be streamed or downloaded and stored for when you’re offline.

Packed with high-res album art, this is a visual feast as well as a sonic one.


PicsArt Photo Studio – free

Taking a photo is just the beginning of a memory-making process, particularly if you love to edit them to inject some extra sparkle.

PicsArt Photo Studio is an all-in-one photo editor and art community, designed to help you spread your wonderful creations with like-minded people – once you’ve applied some filters, pop art, or gathered several photos into a collage, that is.

PhotoFunia – free

A different photo-editing option is PhotoFunia. It still offers the ability to add filters to your images, like Autumn, Mystical and Alien Sky, but you can also see what it’s like to have your portrait hang from a museum wall, or add it to a beautifully made photo frame sitting above a fireplace. It’s better than it sounds, trust us…

HERE Maps – free

Looking to get from A-to-B? Make your journey with HERE Maps.

Covering nearly 200 countries, HERE Maps helps you explore your local neighbourhood on foot, or help you find your way on a journey covering many miles, using either public transport or by car.

If you’re worried about high data costs, download the map data via Wi-Fi and store the offline for later.

Skype – free

In addition to the usual calling and SMS functions, Skype is another great tool for staying in touch with all your besties.

Nokia XL’s front-facing camera is perfect for video calling to anywhere in the world in real-time as you chat face-to-face, almost as if you were in the same room together.

Nokia-XL-Dual-SIM-Skype – free

Email is arguably more popular than making calls these days. As such, you need a quality email account.. Not only is clean and simple to look at, it’s packed with features.

With tight integration to Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, it’s easy to attach Word docs, PowerPoints, and Spreadsheets to any email. As well as any media file you’ve got stored in there, of course.

If you’ve set up any email aliases, you can also customise the ‘from’ address simply, too.

Temple Run 2 – free

The never-ending running game looks great on a big screen.

The aim? To sprint for your life as you escape a temple with a cursed idol. Naturally, many things are out there to stop you.

Because there’s no way to stop the main character (you) from running, you must help him turn around corners, slide under obstacles, dodge jets of fire, slide down zip-lines and leap over gaping chasms.

Oh, and a very large, very enraged monkey is chasing you.

Quick, run!

Flipboard – free

Flipboard lets you create your very own personal magazine whereby you only select the news sources you’re interested in.

Select from publications like the New York Times, PEOPLE magazine, Fast Company and more by using the search bar to find other publications or blogs. And don’t forget to subscribe to our very own Conversations magazine too!

Then just swipe to get news and tap to dig into bespoke stories. All on the XL’s lovely screen.

Can you recommend any more? Share them with us, below.

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