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May 19, 2014

The 10 best pics of the Instagram black and white competition

Yes, we know we’ve kept you waiting, but ta-dah, the results are in!

We’re proud to present the shortlistees, finalists and winners of the Instagram your black and white pics competition. And why did it take us so long to decide? Well, it was because of the amazing number and quality of the entries: this time around, you even smashed the record of last month’s colour pop competition!

A huge thumbs up to every single one of you who took part: before the competition closed, you’d sent us 13584 beautiful, inventive and inspiring photos. Needless to say, we enjoyed every minute of the extensive judging process, tough as it was to pick our finest favourites. To see the ones we went for in the end, just scroll down below. Who knows, your photo might be there, too!

The shortlist

hanziness lumiaBW

By Hanziness

alberto lapini lumiabw

By albertolapini

zatomas lumiaBW

By Zatomas

yssingphoto lumiabw

By Yssingphoto

kaludov1020 lumiabw

By Kaludov1020


By Hampirfotografer

The finalists

anthony hunter lumiaBW

By Anthony Hunter

daniel rj lumiabw

By Danny_rd7

aguynamedriadh lumiaBW

By Aguynamedriadh

And the winner is…

husain uijainwala lumiaBW

 By Husain Ujjainwala

The Lumia 1020 kit bag goes to Husain Uijainwala who managed to shoot this incredibly atmospheric photo while busy studying for his exams, too… we don’t think the world’s best cameraphone could go to a more deserving home. Just a month ago, Husain commented on the blog saying he’s “desperate to get a 1020.” Now he’ll get one, along with a great big bag of goodies. We’re super happy for him here at Conversations and can’t wait to see the pics he takes with his new device.

What did you think of our gallery of greats above? We know it’s missing many fantastic shots, but which one of these tops your list? Let’s vote for a readers’ favourite in the comments section! While we add up the scores, please remember to Instagram your orange, green and yellow pics to win a Lumia 635!