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May 19, 2014

Six-second success: #LumiaTips on Vine

Have you wondered how to take a screenshot with your Nokia Lumia? Interested in changing your phone’s home screen to fit your mood? Want to sing along to a song that’s playing on your Lumia, but don’t know the lyrics?

Help is here. Our #LumiaTips on Vine is a new how-to video series featuring the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your Lumia device.

What can you fit into six seconds? A lot, as it turns out. These short-and-sweet videos highlight exclusive shortcuts and other information to make your Lumia the go-to gadget in your life.

We have 12 #LumiaTips so far, and new videos will be added each week – so be sure to follow us here to get them hot off the press.

Here’s how to take a screenshot. Simple!

Want to switch up your home-screen theme? Change the color to suit your mood:

And, if you want to quickly silence an incoming call, simply flip your phone face down:

What burning questions can we answer in upcoming #LumiaTips? Send ‘em our way; we’d love to hear from you!